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Gymnastics Club Insurance

Insurances for Gymnastics Club- Call Assetsure for a quote

Gymnastics Club Insurance-These days many gymnastics clubs across the UK do not own their own building facilities but instead choose to lease the building from a commercial landlord for fixed periods of time. At Assetsure, we can provide commercial landlords with appropriate buildings and contents commercial property insurance for your property investment. For the 1400 gymnastics clubs operating across the UK we can also provide a liability insurance package to meet your individual circumstances including public liability insurance and employers liability insurance.

Most modern gymnastics clubs are constructed from modern brick materials with corrugated iron roofing. However some of the older gymnastics clubs may be timber framed with wooden roofs. Securing adequate buildings insurance to protect all types of clubhouses from the threats of fire, flood, storms and other disasters is paramount. When applying for your gymnastics club commercial landlord insurance, it will help if you have full details of the physical construction of your building. Our underwriter will consider club houses that are constructed of corrugated iron, fibre glass, wood or other materials. We will need to know full details as well as details of any storage buildings (for example to store individual apparatus, beams, bars, crash mats, vaults, first aid equipment, etc).

In general terms the most likely causes of future building insurance claims on commercial properties are from burst pipes, burglaries or fire. To limit the likelihood of these types of insurance claims both the landlord and the gym club can work together to prevent these sort of disasters occurring by implementing preventative maintenance and ensuring a high standard of property maintenance. For instance regular upkeep of all toilet and bathroom facilities in changing rooms including any lagging of pipes may help to prevent burst pipes in the winter months. Secondly investing time and money in training all gymnastic coaches and maintenance employees with the relevant procedures relating to the security of the building (to make the property less attractive to spur of the moment burglars). Lastly by doing regular fire safety checks including testing mains wired smoke detectors, ensuring the cafe is clean and maintained, fire drill procedures upheld, emergency exit access points clear and regular cleaning and maintenance of viewing areas (where parents tend to accidentally leave flammable rubbish lying around after a competition).

Most gymnastic clubs are busy places, catering for gymnasts across all ages, disciplines and levels of ability, with different classes stopping and starting frequently throughout the day. This means a steady stream of parents, guardians, carers and volunteers entering and leaving the building. What with training sessions, grades competitions, conditioning leagues and social events accidents will happen. That is why we offer a wide range of insurance perils including Accidental Damage to both buildings and contents. Most gymnastics clubs will have a range of contents to cater for aerobic and artistic gymnastics including the expensive gymnastics equipment that needs accidental damage insurance protection. These include pommel horse, rings, high bar, springboards, asymmetric bars, beam, tumbling mats, inflatable equipment, hand guards etc. To help insure these items properly we will need to know the security employed at the gymnastics club, such as the types of locks on the doors (including storage buildings) and if the premises has an alarm (this is not always necessary). Details of the roofing material used will also be required. The contents section of the policy will cover all the club equipment & contents including those items listed above. If you have any especially valuable items such as trophies or memorabilia, we will need to know valuations and where they are kept (such as trophy cabinets).

Insurance Cover is provided on a replacement as new basis. We will also cover any gymnastic stock that you keep at the premises (such as hand guards, leotard costumes, crash mats etc) and this may include items of equipment or clothing if you have a shop at the premises, or for hire, foodstuffs and alcohol if you have a bar or refreshment area. This section of the policy will also cover you for replacing or making good any breakage or malicious scratching of internal or external glass for which you are responsible for the maintenance of the club. Damage to external blinds and signs up to a maximum amount of £1,000 is also covered. Other covers under this section include; Loss of Money, cover is stated as loss from any cause if held in connection with the running of the club: (subject as per usual to policy conditions). Many clubs rely on volunteers and parents to help move equipment around between competitions and training sessions. Sometimes equipment can be dropped and damaged accidentally. Our policy provides a full Accidental Damage Cover cover to help mitigate this risk.

It’s important to think about protecting the financial viability of the club even if your gym club is run on a non-profit basis as many are. Many clubs operate on a volunteer coaching basis in order to help develop the children’s health, fitness and social integration contributing towards both physical and emotional well being. Therefore unforeseen disasters preventing the club from operating could spell financial difficulties… For gymnastics clubs that lease the building from a private landlord or your local council we can cover legal liability to pay rent or lease payments for a period up to one year if your building is un tenantable as a result of damage caused by any of the insured perils.

It’s fairly typical that many gymnastic coaches are enthusiastic about their sport and aim to pass higher qualifications throughout their career. We recognize that clubs sometimes had to send away their employees or volunteer coaches on gym exam courses to be tested to qualify to teach at higher levels. If a club coach becomes injured while away from the club, the club will still need to have employers liability insurance in place to protect these people whilst away from their ordinary place of work. The liabilities section of the gymnastics club insurance policy will provide cover for Public Liability, Products Liability and Employer’s liability. The definition of what constitutes an employee is very wide, so even persons that are acting at the club as unpaid helpers, volunteers etc could feasibly make a claim against the club for negligence. The limit of indemnity for employer’s liability is £10,000,000. A certificate of insurance will be provided, which should be displayed in prominent position, where all staff can view it. At Assetsure, we welcome your telephone to discuss your insurance needs so we can provide you with an appropriate gymnastics insurance quote.

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