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Diamond Ring Insurance

Diamond Ring Insurance

We provide diamond ring insurance as a stand alone insurance policy, we are happy to insure single items such as engagement rings or eternity rings. We realise that often it is not possible to obtain diamond ring insurance under a home insurance  policy,especially if the value is high. Our policy provides an alternative for you offering wide cover on a worldwide basis for your most valuable items

What do we cover.

Our Assetsure policy is especially designed to cover the items you value the most. We have arranged a policy that offers wide insurance cover, with few restrictions or conditions, essential for diamond rings which are often worn continually.

Our policy is arranged on a world-wide all-risks basis, which is basically the widest form of personal possession cover you can obtain. It includes all the covers you would expect to find under a policy designed to cover valuable items such as ; accidental damage, theft and loss. When dealing with a claim and replacing an item  our policy has no excess to pay.

Assetsure Diamond Ring Insurance is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.

Is loss of the stone covered ? 

Yes, if you lose or damage the stone or stones in your diamond ring, your policy will cover you. On some high valued rings, we do have a  ” settings clause”

where we would expect you to have the settings checked by a jeweller at least once every two years.  In many cases,  the two  year period, starts from the date you buy a policy from us.

Do we have any restrictions?

Full details of our policy can be  found in our key facts and policy documents  which are available on request.  For certain high value items we  will  inform you if there are any special conditions such as having the settings checked by a jeweller at bi annual periods.

Do we have any valuation limits ?

We are often approached for insurance for diamond rings of high value and will consider each case on it’s merits, many home insurers have a celling on the maximum amount they can insure but with Assetsure, you will find that we will consider valuations far an above that allowable by most home insurance companies.

Obtaining a quotation

Simply complete one of our online forms or  telephone our office. We can usually provide you with a quote  and cover immediately if required. We send policy documents by email as soon as cover has been provided and we allow a full  30 days for you to review them.