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Musical Instrument and Equipment Insurance

Whether you are a professional musician, a keen amateur or perhaps have a son or daughter at school or college that is learning an instrument for the first time, we can arrange an insurance policy that with cover musical instruments and associated equipment including recording equipment on an “All Risks” basis.

“All-Risks” is one of the widest forms of cover available for personal possessions and includes: theft, loss and damage cover.

We can obtain cover for almost any type of musical instrument, not just Fender or Gibson guitars, violins and oboes are just as popular with us. We cover both modern and classical, anything from an accordion to a zither, acoustic, semi acoustic, electric, non-electric, woodwind, you name it, we’ve probably covered it at some time.

In some cases, musical equipment is loaned to you for use, and you may be asked to insure the equipment whilst it is in your possession or the possession of a family member. In these cases, the interest of the owner of the instrument can be noted on the schedule of Insurance. For more information and to obtain a quotation for musical equipment insurance, please complete our online form or give us a call

Why insure your Musical Instruments ?

Musical Instruments are expensive pieces of equipment and whilst they are fairly safe whilst being kept at home, (although they are still susceptible to accidental damage & theft) as soon as they are removed from the home, the chances of loss, theft or damage increases.

Musical Instruments are targeted by thieves and are coveted especially if they are for example a rare or limited-edition guitar. Insurance can help protected you against financial loss and can also provide hire equipment if you suffer a loss at an inconvenient time.

If you are loaned an instrument by a school or college you will probably find that having a comprehensive policy in force to cover loss or damage is a condition of the loan.

Why choose musical equipment insurance from Assetsure?

We can provide you with insurance quotations for musical equipment quickly, and in most cases online which you can buy and be covered immediately. Our insurers allow you a full 30 days to review the wide “All-Risks” cover and if it does not meet your requirements, you can apply for a full refund (subject to no claim)

Throughout the term of your musical equipment insurance policy, you can add other pieces of equipment as and when you acquire them, we charge you only for any increase in sum insured, we make no adjustment charges, which if you are adding equipment on a regular basis can save you money.

We've got you covered...

Accidental Loss

We’ve got you covered if you misplace or lose your instruments
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Accidental Loss

Cover for your equipment against an accidental loss.

It's all to easy to leave your musical instrument on a bus or train and whilst many are recovered. this is not always the case . If lost, we will replace your musical instrument up to your chosen sum insured.

Unattended Vehicle Cover

Unfortunately musical equipment gets stolen all too often, we make sure your covered if the worst happens
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Unattended Vehicle Cover

Cover for theft from an unattended vehicle

Sometimes it is necessary to leave your musical instruments in an unattended vehicle and providing this is not for longer than 12 hours, the policy will provide you with insurance cover for theft.

The insurers do expect you to take some precautions, like keeping musical equipment out of sight, or in a locked boot and full details of the terms and conditions that apply to unattended vehicle insurance cover can be located in the policy wording available from the policy documentation tab on this website.

The maximum payable for theft from a vehicle is £5000

Accidental Damage

Accidents happen, we ensure that your instruments can be repaired.
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Accidental Damage

Cover against damage to your musical instruments and equipment.

Insurance is included for accidental damage to your musical instruments caused by accidental means, there are a couple of exclusions to bear in mind,
breakage of replaceable items such as strings, reeds and/or drumheads, these are very common occurrences and not covered by the policy.

There is no excess to pay in the event of a claim being made.

Equipment Hire

We know that you need the right gear so replacement equipment hire is included in the cover provided
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Equipment Hire

Hired equipment if you need it following a loss of your own musical instruments.

We understand that the loss or damage to a musical instrument can cause problems if you have imminent concerts to perform or simply don’t want to miss your music lesson.

Insurance cover is provided by the policy up to the amount specified in the Policy Schedule (subject to a maximum hiring cost) for the hiring of replacement musical equipment of the same or similar specification whilst your equipment is awaiting repair or replacement following a fire, theft, attempted theft, loss of or damage to your equipment.


Unfortunately musical instruments and musical equipment gets stolen, we make sure you are covered if the worst happens.
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Someone else like the look of your Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments are often stolen especially if you are using them away from your home. Cover is provided for theft providing the musical equipment has been stolen and there is evidence of forced entry to or from any premises, concert venue, dressing room or any securely locked locker or other similar place of storage.

Cover is also included for theft of musical instruments and equipment left unattended in the open providing they are being used in the course of participating in a musical event.

Find out what makes us different...

Why we stand out...

We arrange insurance for all types of musical instrument both electric and non-electric including items that are used by both amateurs and professionals. With the exception of replaceable items such as strings, reeds and/or drumheads, cover whilst your musical equipment is in use is also included. “All Risks” insurance policy covers you both at and away from the home.

Premium protection promise

Premium protection promise

We value our customers. Your premium will not be loaded next year by the insurers if you make one claim under £500. We reward loyalty and will guarantee if you find a cheaper renewal quote we will match it.

Excellent Claims Service

Excellent Claims Service

You can easily report a claim to us by telephoning our claims department who can take instructions from you regarding your loss, or if you prefer, you may email us. Full details are contained in your policy document. We’ll assist you to obtain a repaired or replaced item as quickly as possible.

30 day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

We are so confident in the product we supply that we have arranged with the insurers to allow you 30 days to change your mind and request a full refund, this is rather than the generic 14 days given by most. Even if after the 30 days is up, you decide our policy is not for you, we will refund you all of the insurance you haven't used with no deductions from the return of premium.

Treating you fairly...

We will not charge you any additional admin fees to make amendments to your policy or to cancel. We won't use enticing introductory offers to draw you in as we believe the price should be good from the start.

We are so confident in the policy we arrange, that you will be entitled to a full 30 days to change your mind and obtain a full refund. This is an improvement on the 14 days which is normal. Even if after the 30 days is up, you decide the cover is not for you, we will arrange for your policy to be cancelled and a full pro rata return of premium to be provided (Subject to no claim being made).

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Your Questions Answered

Who are Assetsure ? icon-thin-chevron-down

Assetsure are a UK Insurance intermediary. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association.

Am I covered for replacement equipment? icon-thin-chevron-down

We insure You (up to the amount specified in the Policy Schedule (subject to a maximum hiring cost) for the hiring of replacement equipment of the same or similar specification whilst Your instrument is awaiting repair or replacement following a fire, theft, attempted theft, or Loss or Damage. The maximum We will pay is 15% of Your sum insured subject to a £250.00 maximum

Am I covered if I leave my equipment in the car? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes you are covered subject to the following conditions

1. There must be evidence of forcible and violent entryto the vehicle.

2. Excluding theft from soft top and convertible vehicles

3. Excluding theft from a vehicle when it has been unattended for more than 12 hours.

4. When in a vehicle any insured items must be placed out of sight in a locked boot or concealed under a parcel shelf. For estate cars containing insured items, a factory fitted cover must be in place and in use, which completely obscures the items from view.

5. Vehicles when left unattended must have all points of access including doors, windows and windscreens left closed and properly fastened; and they must be securely locked with keys removed and security devices (where installed) operational.

6. If the value of the insured item(s) left in the unattended vehicle exceeds £1000 the vehicle must be fitted with an alarm and an immobiliser and both must be activated at all times when the vehicle is left unattended.

7. Maximum Claim in respect of theft from unattended vehicles £5000 any one event.

How much should I insure my Instrument(s) for? icon-thin-chevron-down

You should insure for the usual new undiscounted replacement cost ( including VAT ) from a reputable United Kingdom dealer as at the commencement date of the Period of insurance.

Are there any Age restrictions? icon-thin-chevron-down

The Assetsure Musical Instrument Insurance policy is available to persons over the age of 21