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Log Cabin Holiday Home Insurance Quote

Introduction – obtaining an insurance quote for your Holiday Home can be difficult and time consuming, obtaining a holiday home insurance quote for a log cabin, can be nigh on impossible. This really is a specialist area of the insurance market as the bulk of insurance companies do not want to provide cover for them. Wherever your log cabin is situated, the risks tend to be pretty much the same, and insurance companies have two issues with this type of property.

  • Its a Holiday Home – Insurance companies have traditionally been reluctant to insure this type of risk because of the periods of un-occupancy associated with the property. The winter months are of course the worst period as often during this period Holiday Homes can be prone to weather related claims which in an owner occupied property can be a safer risks.
  • The construction – Log Cabins have come along way since originally being associated with a rather Spartan existence. They are often spacious and luxurious. However, they are made of timber construction and whilst this is usually perfectly safe, in the event of a Fire, the end result can often be more costly to the insurance company. Often this situation is escalated as timber homes are sometimes located in vacation resorts or in the mountains and these remote areas may not have easy access to fire fighting equipment.

Log Cabin Home Insurance

Because of the above, obtaining insurance for your timer property is essential and you will need to obtain it from an insurer that have experience of this class of risk and are prepared to accept the additional risks associated with holiday letting. You may use your holiday cabin for your own purposes, or you may have obtained it for holiday rental purposes. If this is the case, your quote should include the correct form of liability insurance cover.

The insurance you obtain should include all the usual perils associated with building insurance but it is best to check the policy wording before you buy to make sure you have the correct cover you require. In particular, study your policy working to see if it covers loss of rental income. You may have taken a large number of vacation bookings for your holiday log cabin only to find that following a fire, you will be unable to rent the property. If you log cabin insurance policy does cover loss of rental income it must be remembered that this cover is as a result of an insured peril occurring at the property and will not provide an indemnity in respect of the renter simply not paying the rent that is due or deciding not to go on vacation.

Log cabin construction and quality build will be fairly similar whether the property is located in the United Kingdom, France or wherever, however, the insurance may be slightly different as different countries have slightly different rules and regulations regarding cover and taxation. When obtaining your timber frame insurance quote, remember to be able to present as much information as possible, the insurance company may want to know the foundations on which the building stands, the roofing material and the method of heating.

Timber Based Holiday Homes

Log cabins are becoming more popular with people wanting to purchase a second or holiday home and they can prove to be an excellent investment and exceedingly durable, some cabins are well over 100 years old and with the right attention and service will remain in excellent condition. It must be remembered that log cabins are made of purely natural materials such as pine or spruce and these trees are found in abundance is some of the most inhospitable places on earth. Timber over the centuries has proved to be a naturally strong building material popular throughout the USA and Europe, it is only in recent years that the world is waking up to the fact that as well as basic shelter, timber is a substance that can be fashioned in to homes of real quality.

Log Cabin Safety Issues

When deciding about buying a log cabin as a second home over a more traditional stone built property, many people wonder as to the security & safety issues. In essence, there is no reason why a log cabin should be any less secure than a property fashioned out of more traditional materials. Fire is always the biggest worry and whilst we have mentioned above that the end result can result in a more serious insurance loss, Fire evaluation and risk assessments on timber buildings show them to be safe. You can enquire as to the construction of new builds as in the main, they are treated with Fire retardant which provides protection by means of delay. Tests in real life situations have also proven that log cabins made of sturdy robust logs will often burn a little on the outside but because of the age and thickness of the wood, this is often only to a depth of a few millimetres. From a Theft point of view, there is no reason why a log cabin can not be made as safe and secure as a normal property. When purchasing your building for the first time, you should review all security arrangements in place at the property bearing in mind the location and remoteness of the property and also pay attention to any special security provisions required by your holiday home cabin policy provider.

Log Cabin Insurance from Assetsure

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Can I add items to my policy throughout the year? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes, if you need to make any adjustments, simply call our office and we will discuss your requirements with you

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Full details of how to make a claim are contained on your schedule of insurance

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Yes, if you just provide us with their information, we can include their details on your schedule of insurance and can supply them with copies of your documents if required

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Yes our policy contains cover for all "Perils" that a mortgage lender would require to provide a mortgage on the property