Details of Assetsure in the Press

The following articles have recently been written about Assetsure or have been issued as press releases.

DateSubject Publication
July 2015 Post Hatton Garden RaidProfessional Jeweller
June 2015 Hatton Garden RaidFinancial Times
June 2015 Hatton Garden RaidInsurance Times
May 2015 Hatton Garden RaidThe Actuary
May 2015Hatton Garden RaidProfessional Jeweller
March 2015BSHAA Winter 2015 Magazine- Hearing Aid Insurance ArticleBSHAA Magazine
March 2015Joanna Lumley Stars in Assetsure Classic FM Ads Professional Jeweller
February 2015Assetsure and Savvy and SandProfessional Jeweller
February 2015Assetsure and Savvy and SandRetail Jeweller
January 2015Assetsure and Hirschfelds Professional Jeweller
October 2014Hearing Aid Article Care Industry News
September 2014Hearing Aid Article Fab at Fifty Magazine
September 2014Specialist Watch InsuranceTempus Magazine
September 2014Hearing Aid Article ENT-Audilogy News
September 2014Hearing Aid Article Retirement Matters
June 2014Online Watch InsuranceWatch Pro Magazine
June 2014Ask the ExpertProfessional Jeweller Magazine
May 2014Interview with James Farley Professional Jeweller
January 2014Online jewellery insuranceWatch Pro Magazine

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