Insure your home with Assetsure- Standard or Nonstandard. Great rates and a personal service.

Home Insurance from Assetsure.

Home insurance from Assetsure and our partners is available from a dedicated team of highly trained sales and support staff who have an excellent knowledge of the products they offer and a genuine desire to be helpful regardless of the type of property and risk that have been asked to quote on.

Above are some examples of the type of risks we will consider but of course we will be pleased to receive any type of enquire and will give it the due consideration it deserves.

What makes us different?
At Assetsure you will find that there are a lot of risks, deemed non-standard by other insurers that we will be able to provide insurance in respect of. You will find that we will lend a sympathetic ear to all the risks we are asked to quote on, each one will be decided on its merits, our view is that just because a risk is a little out of the ordinary, doesn’t mean we will not quote on it. Some of the risks such as Thatched and Listed Buildings are mentioned above but equally, we will look at insurance for properties of non-standard construction or perhaps with a poor claims history. We have own home and property facility underwritten by a well know insurer that can offer insurance on a very wide range of risks and in many cases, we can provide quotes and cover instantly.

Assetsure Business Philosophy
Our whole business is built on the philosophy that we strive to offer an excellent service to all of our customers. It’s often difficult to quantify what is or isn’t a good service only that most customers seem to know when they are receiving it. In our book, good service starts by doing the simple things well, we define this by dealing with our customer enquiries in a polite and efficient manner, we answer the telephone quickly and all of our staff will offer the same level of service. As a result of our investment in technology, we are able to deliver policy documentation quickly by email and if an alteration has to made, you can expect that to be dealt with quickly and efficiently as well.

Home Insurance from Assetsure