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Rolex Insurance

Rolex Watch Insurance

Rolex is probably the most famous watch brand in the world, asks anyone to name a prestigious watch brand and almost everyone will say Rolex.  Renowned the world over for quality and style Rolex produce a range of watches utilising automatic, mechanical and quartz movements in a seemingly endless variations, models include; the Datejust, Daytona, Oyster & Submariner.  Some of these models have been in existence for decades with the first Oyster being produced as long ago as 1926. Subtle changes are introduced by Rolex and regular intervals to ensure that the watches stay as contemporary as possible.

Insurance for your Rolex or Rolex Collection

At Assetsure, it’s fair to say that more than any other watch; it’s a Rolex that we are asked to quote on. We also note that once a Rolex is obtained, then there is often a tendency to purchase another, such is the appeal of this marquee brand. We have developed a policy that is suitable for owners and collectors of Rolex watches. Unlike many insurers, we are happy to issue a policy for a single Rolex, or indeed for an entire collection. Our policy offers the wide insurance cover that watch owners require including worldwide all risks insurance without excess. Our policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and your insurance can be paid by monthly direct debit if required.

We are quite happy to issue an insurance policy for a single watch and you can add to your policy throughout the year and only pay a pro-rata additional premium without any adjustment fees.

Obtaining an Insurance quote for your Rolex

This is very straight forward, either complete one of our on line forms or telephone our office; we can usually provide a quotation within a couple of minutes and insurance the same day. Your full policy documents can be emailed to you immediately cover is issued. We offer a full 30 days for you to review the documents we send you. We also offer a service where we can store your purchase receipt or valuation documents. Normally we would ask that you have some  documentation to support your application but this should not normally delay a quote being obtained.