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  • If we repair a damaged item, we will also pay for any loss in value
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Antique insurance

At Assetsure we have developed an antique insurance policy  that is suitable for covering both collectables and antiques. Typically antiques are covered under the contents section of a home insurance policy but in some cases, because of the restrictions under the policy wording, this is not possible. Further many owners and collectors of antiques are more demanding in terms of the scope of cover they require and thus specialist insurance is sought for valuable items.

What makes us different ?

Unlike many other home insurance providers, we are able to insure antiques as single items if required or as part of a collection, we wont insist that you place the remainder of your home insurance with us. This can have many advantages, not least as your valuable no claims bonus won’t be lost in the event of loss or damage. Furthermore, if you take a look at the features and benefits of our antique insurance policy, you will see that the cover we provide is very suitable for collectors of antiques that require a specialist policy wording.

Feature of Assetsure policy cover.

Worldwide “All Risks” Insurance Cover for new acquisitions Underwritten at Lloyd’s of London
Single items or collections Defective title insurance No bonus to lose
No excess to pay Depreciation Cover Money Back Guarantee

For full details, please refer to our ” Keyfacts” leaflet.

When you buy a policy from  from Assetsure, you are buying peace of mind that your valuable antiques  are protected by an insurance policy underwritten at the world’s oldest insurance institution.

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