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  • Comprehensive All Risks Insurance
  • Depreciation Cover
  • If we repair a damaged item, we will also pay for any loss in value
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Coin Insurance

Coin Insurance- Specialist Cover

Coin  Insurance from Assetsure is available from our highly trained sales and support staff who have expert knowledge in providing specialist insurance to cover coins or collections of coins including specie insurance

Insuring your collection.

Usually, the home insurer is the first port of call when it comes to covering valuable items, however, a coin collection grows over a period of time and after a number of years the collector can often without realising it be in possession of a very valuable asset that is no longer adequately insured under the existing insurers policy either because of threshold limits or policy terms, conditions and restrictions.

Why are we different?

Unlike many insurers, we are able to offer coin collection insurance starting on a single coin basis, so immediately you know that your policy for your valuable items will be insured on the correct footing. Our Assetsure policy wording also has features and benefits that are not found under a standard home insurance policy wording and you may find the terms and conditions are a little  less onerous as well.

As you collection grows, you can make alterations to your  policy cover safe in the knowledge that no thresholds will have been breached, and  your coins will be listed on a schedule of insurance with a policy underwritten at the  world’s oldest insurance institution, Lloyd’s of London.

What can we offer?

Our Assetsure coin collection insurance policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and provides a specialist policy wording with features and benefits required by  collectors.

Some of the feature and benefits of our policy are as follows.

 All Risks Insurance- We provide physical loss or damage for your coins on an “All Risks” basis.

Single Item or Collections. Unlike many insurers we are happy to quote for a single item or collections, the choice is yours.

Specified Items- We can individually list your items on a schedule giving you the peace of mind that all your coins are accurately listed with the current sum insured applicable.

Cover for online purchases- If you purchase an item online, our policy automatically includes cover whilst it is being shipped to your home address – no need to buy expensive additional insurance from the retailer.

Defective Title Insurance- For your items purchased during the period that your collection has been insured with us, if someone claims the item is not rightfully yours and you have to return the item, will reimburse you up to the amount you paid for the item.

Recent Acquisition Cover.. We will provide cover for you and allow you 30 days to inform us of recently acquired items.

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