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Handbags are amongst the most treasured of personal possessions and with the cost of many at eye watering levels; it pays to make sure that you have a suitable insurance policy in force.

At Assetsure, we provide insurance for handbags (the bag itself as opposed to the contents). We provide cover “New for old” on a Worldwide all risks basis.

Our protection thus includes accidental damage, theft and loss.

We can cover all types of authentic handbag including high sums insured. Under our premier select policy wording you can insure a single bag or a collection. Other valuable personal possessions such as jewellery can also be added to this policy if required.

Handbag Insurance Cover

Our policy is unwritten in the United Kingdom at Lloyd’s of London and there is no excess to pay in the event of a loss.
• Worldwide All Risks Insurance
• No limit on the number of overseas trips ( up to 60 days each trip)
• New for Old Replacement
• No excess to pay in the event of a claim
• Insure one bag or a collection
• Underwritten at Lloyd’s of London

To obtain your quotation, please click on the link above or telephone our office on 0208 0033 190.

We've got you covered...

accidental loss

Accidental Loss

We’ve got you covered if you misplace or lose your handbag
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accidental loss

Accidental Loss

Is you lose your Handbag we can find a replacement

We provide insurance if you accidentally lose your Handbag. This cover is important as it is all too easy to forget a bag, when you are out and about perhaps in a busy environment.

Our cover will pay without excess for a replacement item although we must point out that we cannot insure any personal effects or contents that are in the bag.

Accidental Damage

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Accidental Damage

We will cover your Handbag against accidental damage which could occur following a variety of scenarios such as a fire or an escape of water at your home, or perhaps you might spill liquid on it.

We cannot cover you for certain events, typically those that happen over a period of time such as natural ageing or wear and tear, gradual deterioration. We also exclude damage caused by rust or oxidation, moth or vermin.

Worldwide Cover

Giving you the peace of mind that you can travel and still be protected
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Worldwide Cover

Take you Handbag on holiday and be covered against accidental damage, theft and loss

Your Handbag will be covered by our policy anywhere in the world. You can travel abroad as often as you like providing no one trip is in excess of 60 days.

One of the biggest worries when abroad is that a bag will be stolen from a hotel room or when out and about or it will be accidentally lost. With a policy from Assetsure you can have peace of mind that all these scenarios are covered and that any claim will be settled without deduction of excess.


Unfortunately items get stolen, we make sure you are covered if the worse happens.
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Handbags are targets for thieves when out and about

When out and about in a busy restaurant or bar, it is easy to have a Handbag stolen from under a chair or table.

Thieves are quite adept at spotting valuable bags and know that as well as the bag itself, it is likely to contain other valuable items such as a phone or money.

We will insure your Handbag against Theft although we cannot cover any of it's contents.

Find out what makes our cover different...

Why we stand out...

We are a specialist jewellery insurer with an extensive network of trusted jewellers across the UK that we use to repair / replace your item on a like for like basis

Premium protection promise

Premium protection promise

We value our customers. Your premium will not be loaded next year if you make one claim under £500. We reward loyalty and will guarantee if you find a cheaper renewal quote we will match it.

In-house claims service

In-house claims service

Our sales office is open 7 days a week making it easier to report your claim. We are a dedicated, friendly and efficient team who's sole aim is make your claim experience hassle free and easy

30 day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

We are so confident in our product that we will give you 30 days to change your mind for a full refund, rather than the generic 14 days given by most. Even if after the 30 days is up, if you decide our policy is not for you, we will refund you all of the insurance you haven't used.

Treating you fairly...

We will not charge you any additional admin fees to make amendments to your policy or to cancel. We won't use enticing introductory offers to draw you in as we believe the price should be good from the start.

We are so confident in our product that we will give you 30 days to change your mind for a full refund, rather than the generic 14 days given by most. Even if after the 30 days is up, if you decide our policy is not for you, we will refund you all of the insurance you haven't used.

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It's important to insure your handbag for the correct amount


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Hand Bag Thefts

Hand Bag Thefts

Thieves are targeting expensive Handbags but in store and being carried whilst persons are out an about...

Your Questions Answered

How will you settle my claim? icon-thin-chevron-down

The most we will pay in total for each incident of loss is the amount insured which you choose when you take your policy out.

Who will I be insured by ? icon-thin-chevron-down

The Assetsure Collectables Insurance policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London

How much should i insure my collection for? icon-thin-chevron-down

You should insure you collection for the current market value

When will I receive my policy? icon-thin-chevron-down

Your policy will be delivered instantly by e-mail. Cover will start from the date you request.

How long does it take to arrange insurance? icon-thin-chevron-down

In most cases, we can provide cover the same day that you request it and you can buy the insurance online immediately. In cases where we cannot quote online, we endeavour to provide you with a quotation within 24 hours during the week. If you would rather discuss your arrangements over the telephone, please call us, we'd be pleased to speak to you.

What sort of Collectable items will you cover? icon-thin-chevron-down

We will consider almost any type of collection including Antiques, Coins,

Medals, Millitaria, Objects d’art, Pictures, Paintings, Prints, Records, Stamps, Toys and Wine. Please call us if you wish to discuss .

Are there any Age restrictions? icon-thin-chevron-down

Our collectables policy is open to persons resident in the United Kingdom who are over the age or 21