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Wedding Ring Insurance

Your wedding rings will be amongst your most treasured possessions and thus you will want to make sure that they are fully protected in the event of accidental loss or damage with a wedding ring insurance policy.

At Assetsure we offer a policy that has been especially designed to cover single valuable items or collections of items. We give worldwide “All-risks” insurance covering you against accidental damage and loss and in the event of a claim there will be no excess to pay.
Our policy is a fully “stand-alone” cover, no need to insure any other items other than your wedding rings or other items of jewellery if you like.  If you do not have the benefit of a home insurance policy or you would like to insure your jewellery separately we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation. Our policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and fully administered in the United Kingdom.
We may be unable to replace the sentimental value of your wedding bands but we can provide insurance protection to compensate you for your loss by quickly providing a replacement.

We are based in the UK and our policies are designed for persons that are normally resident in the United Kingdom, some of the features of our policy are as follows;

  • Worldwide “All- risks” Insurance- We provide physical loss or damage for your wedding rings on a worldwide basis. We have no restriction on the number of overseas trips of up to 60 days you can make in any one period of insurance.
  • Cover other items of jewellery if you require.
  • Excess Free- For specified wedding rings, there is no excess to pay in the event of a claim.
  • Protect your Bonus– By insuring your wedding rings separately with us, you can help protect any valuable no clams bonus earned under your home insurance policy.
  • Security of a policy underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and fully administered in the United Kingdom

All of our Assetsure polices come with a 30 day money back period. We supply your policy document instantly by e-mail and give you a full 30 days to review them.  If you are unsatisfied in any way and subject to no claim, we will happily provide you with a full refund of your premium paid.

We are open 7 days a week and usually your wedding bands can be quoted and covered the same day. Please click on the above banner to obtain your quotation or if you would prefer, call our office and we will discuss your requirements on the phone