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Jewellery Cleaning and Care | An Assetsure Guide

Guide to Jewellery Cleaning and General Care

When you own items of jewellery, you will want to make sure they are cared for properly. Careful storing and handling will help to keep them looking in excellent condition and of course will protect their value. Precious metals and gemstones tend to increase in value over time and items of jewellery that are not cared for or stored correctly can become easily scratched and damaged thus diminishing their value and attractiveness.

Here are our tips for looking after your jewellery:

• Have valuable items of jewellery checked on a regular basis by a jeweller who can check for damage and make sure the settings have not become loose. Settings can be tightened to ensure that precious stones are not lost.

• Although there is a cost involved, it’s important to have valuations on items of jewellery at least every five years. The valuation will quote not only a replacement price for insurance purposes but a full description of the item. A professional description can greatly help a jeweller if a replacement ring has to be sourced or a bespoke item made.

• Never store jewellery as loose items in a jewellery box, the metal and stones can easily become scratched and damaged as items rub against each other. Keep precious rings in individual compartments or warp items in cloth or chamois leather for protection.

• Chains should always be stored fastened so they do not become entangled.

• Gold and silver should be cleaned with a soft clean cloth that is free of any chemicals. Keep one specifically to clean jewellery or use a professional cleaning cloth. Do not over clean items of silver as the effect of rubbing is actually removing metal from the item.

• Avoid wearing gold jewellery when swimming as the chlorine in the water will react with gold. Although pure gold is quite safe, carat gold can be weakened by exposure to chlorinated water.

• Jewellery settings and gemstones can be greatly improved by cleaning with a soft brush and soapy water. Antique jewellery should not be cleaned at all unless you have received specialist advice from a jeweller.

• Avoid using all forms of abrasive cleaner on jewellery.

• Silver dip style cleaners can be used on silver jewellery if wiped clean afterwards but this type of cleaner should not be applied to gold.

• Cultured pearls need special treatment as they are of “natural” origin and can become damaged easily. It’s advisable to apply cosmetics, hairspray etc and wait a short time before wearing pearls. On removing, they should always be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. If you have to wet them to clean then, be very careful and it’s probably best to avoid applying any form of chemical. Pearls do need to be re- threaded on occasion and your jeweller should inspect them and advise accordingly
If you are in any doubt as to care for your items of jewellery, always seek the professional opinion of a jewellery or ask for advice or guidance at the time of purchase.

To make sure you your valuable items are fully protected agaist loss of damage , you can buy Jewellery Insurance. If you require a jewellery insurance quote contact Assetsure. We have a policy that will cover single items of jewellery as well as collections and you will not have to insure your entire home and contents with us. We cover Worldwide All Risks and most of our policies have no excess to pay in the event of a claim.

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Why choose our specialist insurance cover?


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Our policy provides "All-risks" cover as standard. This means events such as loss or damage are covered with fewer exclusions and warranties.


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You are covered anywhere in the world for trips up to 60 days.

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We can insure single items of jewellery such as rings, earrings & pendants or whole collections. For smaller items you can insure on an "Unspecified basis"


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We hold prestigious Lloyd’s of London cover holder status where most of our policies are underwritten. We also place business with major UK insurers