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Wine Insurance

Wine Insurance.

For owners or collectors of fine wines obtaining a suitable insurance policy is an important consideration.

At Assetsure, we have a specialist insurance policy for covering fine wines. We can insure either single bottles or entire collections. Whether you are buying wine for investment purposes or you just have a well-stocked cellar, you may find that your standard home insurance policy does not provide you with adequate insurance protection.

One of the main problems is that many home insurers have a threshold for certain items; this is usually perfectly adequate for small collections designed for private consumption but for more serious quantities of value, once the policy threshold has been breached, you may find that you are offered a high net worth home insurance policy. This is one option but another would be to buy a separate wine insurance policy. Our wine policy, underwritten at Lloyd s of London provides cover on a world-wide “All-risks” basis and in the event of a claim, there is no excess to pay.

In addition to wide insurance cover, the territorial limits of our policy are extended to include:

  1. At your home address or any of your other property.
  2. In a bona-fida storage facility.
  3. For new purchases whilst in transit.

What type of events are covered.

Our Assetsure policy  provides ” All-risks” insurance which will include  cover in respect  of  accidental  damage and theft. A valuable additional includes damage caused  by flooding to wine labels that will. Damaged wine labels can severely effect the value of investment wine. In respect of this we will insure for loss of value ( depreciation cover)  Certain covers are not available such as ullage or natural loss of contents


Full details of this insurance and  our full range of collectables insurance may be obtained by contacting our office.