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Why choose our specialist cover?

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Camera Insurance

Camera Insurance from Assetsure

Camera Insurance,-Whether you are a professional photographer or keen amateur, we have a policy that will cover your camera and equipment. We will cover most type of camera equipment including accessories such as: lenses, filters, tripods, bags and dark room apparatus. We will also cover cameras that have been purchased as a “Collectable” item

Camera Insurance - Why insure your camera?

Cameras are expensive delicate pieces of equipment and because of their portability are easily lost or stolen. Whether away from the home or in the home, cameras are susceptible to being stolen, dropped, or damaged by liquids.

Why choose insurance from Assetsure?

At Assetsure, our insurance has been specially designed to cover cameras on a stand-alone basis. Unlike many insurers, we are quite happy to provide insurance for single items. We won’t insist you insure the rest of your home contents with us. Our insurance is ideal if you are in a situation where you only want to cover a small number of valuable items. Often a valuable camera will fall outside the monetary limits of a standard home insurance policy.

Some of the features of our policy

Worldwide “All Risks” Insurance – We provide physical loss or damage for your camera and equipment on a worldwide basis. ( Maximum 60 days any one trip)

Hire of replacement equipment– Following a claim for loss of damage to your insured camera.

Specified Items – We will provide you with a schedule of insurance specifying your camera. If you have other valuable items, you be able to cover these as well.

No bonus to lose – By insuring your camera separately with us, you can help protect any valuable no clams bonus earned under your home insurance policy.

A variety of payment options – We accept all major credit and debit cards and monthly direct debit installments

Money back guarantee – So confident are we in our policy, we will even give you a full 30 days to review our policy wording and change your mind if you are not satisfied.

Cover arranged at Lloyd’s of London- Your policy will be underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, the worlds oldest continuous insurance market

If you require a quotation for camera insurance please either complete our online form or call our office.

If you are interested in digital photography, try visiting digital-photography-school.com/beach-photography-and-digital-camera-maintenance

Extensive "all risks" insurance icon-thin-chevron-down

We provide "all risks" insurance cover. At our option we will replace, or pay the cost of replacing the item of property insured, with a similar article of like kind, functionality and quality


Worldwide cover icon-thin-chevron-down

We cover you automatically for up to 30 days any one trip when you travel overseas including professional use if you select this option


Unattended vehicle cover icon-thin-chevron-down

We include this cover as standard under your policy, please refer to your policy document for full details


Protect your no claims bonus icon-thin-chevron-down

This is a "stand-alone" policy, any claim will not affect any no claims bonus you may have under your home insurance


First class claims service icon-thin-chevron-down

We settle claims "in house" and in the event of a loss we'll work with you and our industry contacts to settle your claim as quickly as possible. Most policies are excess free


Insured at Lloyd's of London icon-thin-chevron-down

This policy is underwritten at Lloyd's of London, the worlds oldest continuous insurance market.

Your Questions Answered

Is there any excess to pay following a claim? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes we have a small excess per claim of £50 for amateur photographers and £200 for professionals

How much should I insure my Camera for? icon-thin-chevron-down

You should insure for the usual new undiscounted replacement cost ( including VAT ) from a reputable United Kingdom dealer as at the commencement date of the Period of insurance

Am I covered for replacement Equipment? icon-thin-chevron-down

We insure You (up to the amount specified in the Policy Schedule (subject to a maximum hiring cost) for the hiring of replacement photographic equipment of the same or similar specification whilst Your photographic equipment is awaiting repair or replacement following a fire, theft, attempted theft, or Loss or Damage.

The maximum We will pay is 15% of Your sum insured subject to a £250.00 maximum

Am I covered if I leave my equipment in the car? icon-thin-chevron-down

Yes you are covered subject to the following conditions

1. There must be evidence of forcible and violent entryto the vehicle.

2. Excluding theft from soft top and convertible vehicles

3. Excluding theft from a vehicle when it has been unattended for more than 12 hours.

4. When in a vehicle any insured items must be placed out of sight in a locked boot or concealed under a parcel shelf. For estate cars containing insured items, a factory fitted cover must be in place and in use, which completely obscures the items from view.

5. Vehicles when left unattended must have all points of access including doors, windows and windscreens left closed and properly fastened; and they must be securely locked with keys removed and security devices (where installed) operational.

6. If the value of the insured item(s) left in the unattended vehicle exceeds £1000 the vehicle must be fitted with an alarm and an immobiliser and both must be activated at all times when the vehicle is left unattended.

7. Maximum Claim in respect of theft from unattended vehicles £5000 any one event.