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A safe deposit box at a bank or other professional secure facility, is a secure method of keeping valuables such as jewellery safe, especially if you have a large collection of items that are worn or used infrequently.

You may find however, that the bank will not insure the contents of your box and in the event there is a break-in at the bank you will not be covered for items that are stolen. This event may seem unlikely but even with their high tec security, banks and other facilities are targeted by thieves and thus it is essential that insurance protection is sought.

At Assetsure, we can arrange insurance for contents of safety deposit boxes against theft and a full range of perils, we will cover jewellery and other items on request.

We realise that valuable items are not kept in the bank all the time and naturally, there will be periods throughout the year when items will be removed for general usage. We can agree a limit with you in respect of items that may be taken out of the bank at any one time or for instances when larger amounts are removed, for example a family celebration, a call to our office is usually all it takes to extend cover.

We will provide quotations for residents of the United Kingdom only and all safety deposit boxes must be located within the United Kingdom at a known establishment. When cover is extended to cover items away from the bank, you will be protected on a worldwide basis providing no trip abroad exceeds 60 days in duration.

To obtain more information, please telephone our office on 0208 0033 190 or click on the "Get a Quote" button below to obtain a quotation. When completing the quote request form, please indicate in the notes box that your request is for items that are primary stored within a bank safety vault, we will then contact you to discuss your requirements and provide a no obligation quotation.

Why we stand out...

We are a specialist insurance intermediary and can provide insurance for items kept in safety deposit boxes. Out of the box cover can also be included if required.

Premium protection promise

Premium protection promise

We value our customers. Your premium will not be loaded next year by the insurers if you make one claim under £500. We reward loyalty and will guarantee if you find a cheaper renewal quote we will match it.

Excellent Claims Service

Excellent Claims Service

You can easily report a claim to us by telephoning our claims department who can take instructions from you regarding your loss, or if you prefer, you may email us. Full details are contained in your policy document. We’ll assist you to obtain a repaired or replaced item as quickly as possible.

30 day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

We are so confident in the product we supply that we have arranged with the insurers to allow you 30 days to change your mind and request a full refund, this is rather than the generic 14 days given by most. Even if after the 30 days is up, you decide our policy is not for you, we will refund you all of the insurance you haven't used with no deductions from the return of premium.

Treating you fairly...

We will not charge you any additional admin fees to make amendments to your policy or to cancel. We won't use enticing introductory offers to draw you in as we believe the price should be good from the start.

We are so confident in the policy we arrange, that you will be entitled to a full 30 days to change your mind and obtain a full refund. This is an improvement on the 14 days which is normal. Even if after the 30 days is up, you decide the cover is not for you, we will arrange for your policy to be cancelled and a full pro rata return of premium to be provided (Subject to no claim being made).

See what customers are saying about our cover...

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Your Questions Answered

Who are Assetsure ? icon-thin-chevron-down

Assetsure are a UK Insurance intermediary. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association.

How much should I insure my jewellery for? icon-thin-chevron-down

You should insure the item(s) for the full replacement value as new in the UK.

Are there any Age restrictions? icon-thin-chevron-down

The Assetsure Insurance policy is available to persons over the age of 21

When will I receive my policy? icon-thin-chevron-down

Your policy will be delivered instantly by e-mail. Cover will start from the date you request

How long does it take to arrange insurance? icon-thin-chevron-down

In most cases, we can provide cover the same day that you request it, simply use our calculator and you can buy the insurance online immediately. In cases where we cannot quote online, we endeavour to provide you with a quotation within 24 hours during the week.

How will you settle my claim? icon-thin-chevron-down

The most we will pay in total for each incident of Loss is the Amount insured which you choose when you take your policy out. Please make sure this to sufficient replace your item at UK retail prices.

How do I prove what my item is worth if I need to make a claim? icon-thin-chevron-down

In the event of any claim being made for Loss of or Damage to any insured item, the onus of proving the existence, ownership and value of the item shall be upon you to prove. We accept the following items as proof of existence and Ownership;

For Items less than 5 years old
A personalised and dated purchase receipt or bill of sale detailing the insured item.
A debit or credit card or bank statement detailing the amount paid.
If a private sale, dated correspondence relating to the sale such as a letter or e-mail identifying the seller of the item.

For Items more than 5 years old
Any of the above items.
Photographic or other dated documentary evidence such as a personalised valuation or service receipt.
A valuation with full description of the item from a United Kingdom based Jeweller or Valuer stating their contact details and business credentials.