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  • Comprehensive All Risks Insurance
  • Depreciation Cover
  • If we repair a damaged item, we will also pay for any loss in value
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Other Collectables

Miscellaneous Collections Insurance

One of the great things at Assetsure, is we are often asked to quote on some very esoteric collections. Often these collections start with just a single item, perhaps inherited or obtained at a charity auction. This one item can spark an interest in obtaining similar items and before too long the owner is facing the prospect of having a collection which is too large to be covered under a standard home contents insurance policy.
Sum insured aside, the collector may also demand more specialist cover, particularly if they take all of some of their collection out of the home, perhaps for the purpose of a talk or a lecture.
At Assetsure, we can provide insurance for any type of collection on a World Wide All Risks Insurance basis, normally without any excess.  We also provide specialist cover which may be useful to collector such as;

•    Cover in respect of New Acquisitions.- We provide you with an extra 25% increase on your sum insured to allow for new acquisitions. We then allow you 30 days to inform us of these new purchases.
•    Defective Title Insurance- We provide you with cover if a person claims to be the rightful owner of an item you have acquired (providing you a acquired the item during the period your insurance with us is valid)

•    Depreciation Insurance. If we repair a damaged item, we will also pay for any loss in it’s value.

What can be covered?

We can cover almost any type of collection, including; toys, train sets, teddy bears, trading cards, film & movie memorabilia, militaria, medals, coins, stamps, kitchenalia, football programmes, records, entertainment posters, glass and ceramics.
This is just a very short list, we have been asked to quote on a wide array of collections and providing your can prove ownership of the items and the values can be substantiated in the event of a loss,  we will be interested in providing you with insurance.

To obtain a quotation, please contact our office on  0208 0033 190 or click on the above link to complete an enquiry form.