Insurance for a single item or your whole collection. If it´s collectable, we´ll cover it.

Collectables Insurance from Assetsure is available from our highly trained staff who have expert knowledge in providing specialist insurance to cover your collectables or collections.

What are Collectables?

At Assetsure, we use the term collectables in a very wide sense as we will consider offering insurance on pretty much any item or items that are collectable and can be valued, some of the more common items we quote on and insure are listed above. However; record collections, memorabilia, postcards, even perfume bottles, they are all collected and all can be insured by Assetsure.

Why are we different ?

At Assetsure, we won’t insist on you insuring your entire home and contents with us, we are quite happy to insure single items or entire collections. Often, there are restrictions under home insurance policies which result in a valuable collection, not receiving the correct cover it really requires.  Our policy covering collectable items is unique to Assetsure, you won’t find it on sale anywhere else and it is fully underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

When you buy a collectables insurance policy from Assetsure, you are buying peace of mind that your valuable collection is protected by an insurance policy underwritten at the world’s oldest insurance institution. Not only that, the cover provided by our policy has some very worthwhile benefits. Just take a look at the following;

World Wide “All Risks” Insurance Death of Artist Cover Depreciation Insurance
No Policy Excess Cover for New Acquisitions Underwritten at Lloyds of London
No Bonus to Lose Defective Title Insurance Money Back Guarantee

 Assetsure business philosophy

Our whole business is built on the philosophy that we strive to offer an excellent service to all of our customers. It’s often difficult to quantify what is or isn’t a good service only that most customers seem to know when they are receiving it. In our book, good service starts by doing the simple things well, we define this by dealing with our customer enquires in a polite and efficient manner, we answer the telephone quickly and all of our staff will offer the same level of service. As a result of our investment in technology, we are able to deliver policy documentation quickly by email and if an alteration has to made, you can expect that to be dealt with quickly and efficiently as well.

Collectables Insurance

If you have a collectable item or a collection of items and need insurance call Assetsure and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements