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Top 7 reasons why you should buy vintage engagement rings


It’s highly unlikely, there will be two of the same, it’s that simple. A vintage engagement ring is unique, and it’s doubtful there will be another one the same and you can be confident that no high street jeweller will be able to supply the same item. A vintage ring is something chosen just for you, it can show your style and personality in one piece of jewellery.

The Romance

Is there anything more romantic than a ring only you will have? They’re often eye-catching, always personal and demand attention all on their own.

They can also make touching heirlooms, passing this on to your children or loved ones is a particularly special moment, if that’s not romance then what is? We all know how romantic it was when the Duchess of Cambridge was handed down the Princess of Wales’ engagement ring, and no doubt we will one day see the heirs receiving the same ring. A timeless, romantic classic.


Vintage doesn’t have to mean old, anything over 20 years old could be vintage

Vintage engagement rings will never go out of style, they will never go out of trend because they will be chosen especially for you, for example you may be presented with a ring that was originally manufactured in the year of your birth. That would be very special. Your vintage engagement ring which means so much to you could pass through generations never being old because they are a timeless statement piece.

Each vintage engagement ring has its own story, it will have been on a journey of its own and that journey will continue, firstly with yourself and then to whomever you decide to pass the ring on to.

Shows your fiancé how much you know them

Ever heard the quote ‘wrong ring, wrong guy’, made famous from the sitcom Sex and the City. It really is a statement people consider, ‘does he know me if the ring is not me?’. By choosing a vintage engagement ring, you are choosing a timeless, unique classic, the romance itself will tell you they know you. Vintage engagement rings make a statement, you are unique.

Delivers personal style

Jewellery itself is a statement, it adds sparkle to any outfit. An engagement ring is a statement which adds to your style, but a vintage engagement ring is a next level of personal. Anyone can add a ring to their outfit and of course dazzle the room. But a vintage engagement ring demands attention, people will be drawn to it because it is unique, they would never have seen it before. You can show your own personal style through this ring, it will create questions and leave people in awe; you can show your own style through this timeless piece.


Often, we think of vintage and think antique, expensive! But that is not the case, vintage engagement rings can be very affordable. The fact that a ring is vintage may not in itself affect the value, this will still be based on the type of stone and to a lesser extent the metal used in the ring. Like a modern engagement ring, vintage ones are available at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets, the hard part is to find a style that suits your particular requirements.

Unexpected details

When you think of a vintage engagement ring, do you think about the details? With any ring, you think about the 4 C’s but with a vintage engagement ring, you can go beyond that. You can have any metal of your choice and the options for the stone are endless, it all depends of course of what is available in the market at the time you decide to buy. Vintage rings may be available with stones that are not seen on a regular basis in modern rings, such as a yellow diamond, blue topaz, blue sapphire, emerald or an amethyst. If you want when you locate a ring, you can modify it to suit your personal taste, for example you could add additional stones, engravings or add a new setting making a whole different concept. You really can combine the modern with the classic, to create a timeless, unique, unexpected piece.

Engagement Ring Insurance

Engagement rings including vintage engagement rings hold significantly value not only through sentimental value but through monetary value. So, you can buy Engagement Ring Insurance to ensure your engagement ring is protected. If something were to happen to your vintage engagement ring, it would be protected through monetary value purposes. Also see our other insurance products:

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