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The benefits of bespoke engagement rings

So, you’re ready to pop that all important question. Arguably one of the most important, nerve wracking, exciting moments of your life. It is a memorable moment for you and the one you love. Now, whether you choose an intimate sunset setting on a yacht, or the most public gesture in the middle of Disneyland, there is one way to make your moment unique to you; choosing a bespoke engagement ring.

You may think, what makes it bespoke? Well to put it simply, it is made for you, to your taste, and only you will have it. There are many advantages to choosing a bespoke engagement ring and this article will highlight just that.

However, it goes without saying that one of the disadvantages is that the starting price will always be higher, however, as you then creating the detail of the ring from scratch, there are negotiations that can then be made and so the overall cost of the ring is not always too far from a ring that has already been made and is available for anyone to purchase

Now, on to the exciting stuff...

Unique Design

Choosing a bespoke engagement ring means choosing the design that is unique for you and your loved one. From the colour, carat, cut, shape and finish, you can create endless possibilities choosing a ring that is bespoke to you. With that, as mentioned above, comes the option to negotiate on the price. For example, you might choose to allocate the majority of your budget into the choice of jewel for your ring, or you might prefer to focus on the band. Either way, it is your choice as the ring is being made for you. Such options are not available when choosing a ring already made, with bespoke rings you can decide on each fine detail and negotiate and adjust it as you go. Jewellers that specialize in making bespoke rings are quite accustomed to receiving unusual design requests.

Higher Quality

When choosing to create a bespoke engagement ring, you can almost guarantee you will be getting a higher quality ring with higher quality craftsmanship. Whilst most engagement rings obtained from a high street store will be of excellent quality, there is no substitute for having a skilled craftsman hand make a ring to your own specific design requirements. It will be of a higher quality, because it is unique.

You will be there for the whole process, something which most people who have had a ring made will say really makes the whole experience very special You may be able to witness an expert at work, this could be in person in their workshop, or remotely by video conference and many jewellers are happy to provide you with pictures of work in progress. We know of some jewellers who when they deliver your ring, will also provide you with a design file for you to keep and cherish.


We’ve touched on this above but when creating a bespoke ring, you really do have full control and flexibility on the costs. You have the freedom to choose which part of the ring you want to allocate your budget to. You will also have the ability to know what each part of the ring costs and there will be flexibility in the options available to you.

Endless Choices

When creating a bespoke engagement ring, you have the ability to choose each material, colour, design, cut, finish - the list is endless and you should be able to have made something that is truly authentic to you. You can choose to either create something completely new from scratch or even turn jewellery you already own into a custom made engagement ring. Often a ring that has been say inherited from a relative has the diamond is removed, cleaned, polished and placed in a new modern setting, more to the choice of the new wearer.

What a sentiment if you are someone that has an inherited piece of jewellery that you are able to pass the item on to another generation of the family.

The Romance

Now, we’ve told you the practical and financial benefits of choosing a bespoke engagement ring, but let’s take it back to basics. Choosing to propose is a romantic story, a love story that your family for years to come will want to hear about, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. It really is a special moment and choosing a bespoke engagement ring, connects that story even further. It screams romance and brings you even more connected to the story. You will go on a journey of your own before you even pop the question, a truly special feeling in itself. Your loved one will then experience that journey through your eyes, hearing about how their ring was made and discovering how each part of the ring was designed for them and why. An heirloom that will go on through generations. In many cases, your partner will also be part of the journey and many couples experience the thrill of being able to choose the ring design together, made to their exact requirements.

Jewellery Insurance

Engagement Rings especially bespoke engagement rings are one of the most expensive items of jewellery we all own so it’s important to ensure the monetary investment is protected. It’s important to ensure you have the necessary protection to avoid any issues, so consider purchasing your jewellery insurance, engagement ring insurance or precious stone insurance from Assetsure.

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