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Top 3 things to think about when you buy a Rolex


The list is endless which can make this purchase seem even more frightening. There are many different models available. In the early days of Rolex, a key selling point was the watches designed for the profession and style all in one model. For example, classics such as the Submariner and the Sea-Dweller, created for divers with their tight waterproof functioning. Or the GMT-Master for long-haul pilots due to its dual time function. Although, with its increased popularity, these models are used for pretty much anyone, they are that sleek.

When choosing a model of Rolex, it's important to think about the functionality of the model but essentially, it's about a watch that appeals to you and fits you, both in size and style. The key thing across all models is that they all suit any outfit, smart or casual, work, or social, their models fit all.


This is a key factor when buying a Rolex because it’s obvious, they are expensive but in most cases there is always an affordable option. Each model has its cheaper variety, some have a more precious metal or is enhanced with gemstones, or perhaps its available in a rare colour. The more unique features added to the model, the more expensive it is. Which on a positive, means that in turn there will always be cheaper options available. The top tip when thinking about a Rolex and budget, is to be strict. Think about Rolex’s that are not brand new, they are still very much a luxury designer good and often still an investment, it may be the most sensible option for your lifestyle. It’s very easy to let your excitement run away with you, budgeting for the right model for you is key. At the end, a Rolex is a Rolex, each will be an investment of their own.

Choosing the watch details

There are many areas to consider here, firstly, functionality. We’ve touched on this above but think about what you want the watch for. If it's for style then you have complete autonomy of the ranges available, but if you want a watch to wear every day to work, think about the functions you might need. For example, is it being waterproof key or is the time function essential for you? It's a personal choice and you consider this before searching for the watch for you. The size of the watch is another key detail, size matters. If you have a slim wrist, you might find a smaller watch will suit you better whereas, a bigger wrist may need a bigger watch. Proportion is essential when thinking about size. Often people think the bigger the better, but that concept doesn’t suit everyone.

Then, you need to consider the material such as stainless steel or two-tone; however, you should note that gold is significantly more expensive. With materials then comes the band choice, do you want a bracelet or a sporty band, again, think about the function of the watch and tailor it to your lifestyle. Once you’ve made that decision, you need to think about the bezel and dial. Do you want striking colours or a bold but subtle detail? This is where thinking about the use of the watch becomes important again if your watch is less versatile you may not wear it as often as you think.


These are our top three, simple steps to guide you in what to think about when purchasing your first Rolex. It’s an important purchase and should suit you and your lifestyle, for a purchase of this quality and price, you will want to ensure you get the most out of it and so, it must make sense for you. Either way, you are buying a luxury classic which will become an investment of its own.

Rolex Insurance

If you find buying a Rolex, daunting because of the costs involved, and are worried about loss or damage you can buy Rolex Insurance for your new purchase. If you’re part of the lucky few able to own one, it’s worth protecting from the moment it leaves the shop. It’s important to ensure you have the necessary protection to avoid any issues so consider Assetsure’s:

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