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Hockey Club Insurance

Hockey Club Insurance Policies-Call Assetsure for a quote

Hockey Club Insurance-At Assetsure, we can provide business insurance for your Hockey Club. We can cover all types of field hockey club, played on natural grass, asphalt, gravel, or artificial turf. Hockey clubs can be protected by our business insurance policy, which offers a wide range of perils, including Accidental Damage. For most hockey clubs, one of the largest assets will be the clubhouse. Frequently, these are constructed of timber and we can consider cover for these. Details of the construction will be required (for example does the building have foundations, or is it located on blocks etc). We will need to be provided with a sum insured (rebuilding cost) as well as details of all out buildings which are used for storage purposes (mowers, rollers, nets, helmets & equipment etc) To include theft cover for your hockey club, we will require all buildings to be locked and it is useful to have details of the locks you use, at the time of quotation.

We can offer a wide range of insurance perils, including Accidental Damage to both buildings and contents. As well as the equipment mentioned above, your hockey club assets can be protected. These can include the furniture and contents in the club house as well as any stock you may hold. (Food, alcohol and any items of clothing, pucks, safety helmets that you may have for sale or hire etc) If your hockey club has any memorabilia or trophies of value, these may need to be specified on the policy.

We can insure hockey clubs under one of our business package insurance policies, these contracts are “package” rated and come with a number of sections, to help protect your business against a range of eventualities.

The contents section of the policy will cover all the club equipment & contents including those items listed above, we provide cover on a replacement as new basis. This section of the policy will also cover you for replacing or making good any breakage or malicious scratching of glass at your clubhouse. We will also cover up to £1000.00 in respect of external blinds. Other covers under this section include; Loss of Money associated with the business, Personal Accident & Assault, Freezer Contents & Loss of Metered Water. You may find that you have no use for all of the policy sections we offer; however, as the policy is rated on a package basis, they are provided anyway on an all inclusive basis.

If you are a tenant (you rent you club house building from your local authority or a private landlord, you may find that in the event of serious claim (such as a fire or flood), even though, you are not able to use the premises you still find yourself liable to keep up rental or lease payments, An amount of up to 20% of the contents sum insured is provided in respect of this.

Another section of the policy will cover you for any Business Interruption at your premises (some times known as loss of profits). Whilst the peril sections of the policy will protect you against loss or damage from fires, floods & thefts etc, business interruption will protect you if you suffer a loss of profits, following an insured perils occurring at your premises. Imagine an event (such as a major hockey tournament) having to be cancelled, your profits (perhaps from the sales of foods etc) would be lost; business interruption can help to protect you against this.

(The liabilities section of the hockey club insurance policy will provide cover for Public Liability, Products Liability (for food poisoning etc) and Employer’s liability. If you have any employees (don’t forget the definition of an employee can include volunteers or helpers) you will need to display a certificate of employer’s liability insurance, expired certificates, need to be kept for a period of 40 years.

As well as the main core package wording, we are now able to offer a business legal expenses policy to compliment your covers, full details are available on request.

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