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Health Club Insurance.There are over 6,000 health clubs in the United Kingdom. Protecting the financial viability of your health club with a comprehensive health club insurance policy is essential. Regardless of the size or kind of health club you operate, at Assetsure sure we can provide comprehensive buildings, contents and liability insurances to safeguard the future of your health centre. Our policy is written on package basis with a number of valuable sections. If your existing health club insurance policy is up for renewal soon give us a call to understand our policy features and covers and so you can compare insurance policies with your existing broker or insurance provider.

From protecting employees to members of the public, and from supplies to food arrangements it can be a puzzling and convoluted issue when it comes to making sure that your health club operation is fully insured against all contingences. You may well have spent a long time looking online for the right health club insurance solution. It can be both frustrating and bewildering trying to put together all the different component parts of your insurance requirements. You may well have to buy different products from various companies, adding yet even more time you spend on insurance administration. Your policy is arranged on a business package basis, with a variety of sections including some optional choices such as business legal expenses.

Across the UK there is huge investment in new chains of health clubs located in and around out-of-town prime locations. The largest investment revolves around the building and interior features of the club. These business models are based around tens of thousands of members each paying a monthly subscription fee over the course of the year. As a result huge upfront investment and ongoing mortgage costs are incurred. The clubs normally open seven days a week to maximise sales revenues. Therefore any unforeseen disruption to it’s day-to-day business operations can have disastrous financial applications for it’s owners. Business Interruption insurance can help protect you against period of enforced closer and the resulting loss of income.

Members expect to visit the club on a regular basis in order to keep fit and have a choice of local clubs. Any closure of their own health club due to unforeseen business interruption may force existing members to leave and join other nearby clubs instead. Health clubs rely on a continual stream of new members joining as existing ones move out of the area or give up trying to keep fit. Business interruption can occur through the obvious disasters such as a building fire or flood (which spring to most health club managers s minds). However there are also many more unforeseen disasters which may prevent the club from opening. These include closure due to health and safety reasons such as legionnaire’s disease in an air conditioning unit. Another example would be if a member has died or there’s been a criminal incident on site then the police needed to close the club for investigative purposes. Lastly despite the fact that many clubs are constructed of modern building materials including brick built or metal roof constructions (for out-of-town larger facilities), damage from falling trees in the storm can cause unplanned and unwanted building repair works. Our business interruption insurance option may help rectify these ‘loss of profits’ in these critical situations.

There is also a huge range of facilities to insure inside a health club. These days most health clubs are designed to provide a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in which to undertake calorie burning exercises. They provide a sense of well-being for a predominantly social female clientele. This means providing a more luxurious interior feel when compared to the traditional ‘sweat and sawdust’ gym made up of free weights and men only environments. Today most health clubs provide beauty and well-being treatments, a dance and fitness studio, cafe and juice bar area, comfortable seating arrangements, sauna and steam facilities, stylish changing areas and state-of-the-art gymnasium. These facilities require constant maintenance and cleaning to meet the high expectations of today’s demanding fitness addicts. So it is vital to keep an up-to-date inventory of a range of expensive contents listed in the insurance policy. Unforeseen accidents occur and areas of the health club can become damaged quite easily by members or visitors. Although most expensive gymnastic equipment will come with manufacturers warranties, adequate contents cover needs to be provided to protect against members accidentally breaking treadmills, running machines etc.

Providing Employer’s Liability cover is an essential of most health club policies. Most health clubs will need to employ a range of staff to keep the club maintained an operational. These include a receptionist, managers, personal trainers, cleaners, maintenance staff and sometimes security personnel. There is always the possibility that staff may become personally injured as a result of working at the club. As an employer you must make sure you are protecting your team and their potential well being. By law, you must buy employers liability insurance to protect your employees. Our policy will provide cover up to £10,000,000.

Many health clubs will operate separate treatment rooms for sports physiotherapists to treat member injuries. Sometimes these professionals are not an employee of the health club but are usually self employed sharing their time and expertise across many local gyms. Most sports physiotherapists would almost certainly have their own public liability insurance to protect themselves. In these circumstances it must be made clear to the club member undergoing any treatment whether or not the professional as an employee of the club and who is responsibly for an personal injury. Other on sight third-party services may include acupuncture, reflexology, hair treatments and a manicure nail treatments.

Give us a call today so we can help you put together a comprehensive health club insurance policy for all your business needs.

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