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Rugby Club Insurance

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Rugby Club Insurance -Rugby clubs face a wide variety of risks some which may not be completely obvious when shopping around for rugby clubhouse insurance. Many amateur rugby clubs are lucky enough to own their own clubhouse building and changing facilities. The clubhouse is the focal point for all club members. It is a place to relax and have a social drink following matches, distribute team news and information, hold team meetings and a chance to browse some of the trophies and awards rugby teams have collected throughout the history of the club. Most modern rugby clubhouses are constructed from modern brick materials. However some of the older clubhouses owned and operated by smaller amateur clubs and may be timber framed with wooden roofs. Securing adequate buildings insurance to protect all types of clubhouses from the threats of fire, flood, storms and other disasters is paramount. When applying for your rugby club insurance, it will help if you have full details of the construction of your building.

Likewise adequate building and contents insurance protection will cover accidental or malicious damage to any other part of the site owned and operated by the club. These assets may include wooden spectator stands, changing facilities for the players and rugby sports equipment and training facilities based on site. Rugby Clubs, unlike private dwelling houses are often unoccupied, this can make them more susceptible to break-ins from thieves, looking to target high risk stock items such as equipment and alcohol.

Just like a normal residential policy all of the high-value content items located within the Rugby property can be insured under the business contents section of the policy. Clubs are naturally proud of their heritage and may keep any trophies and awards exhibited inside glass panelled wooden trophy cabinets. In the event of a break-in the loss of silverware would be a great shame to any rugby club. However adequate contents cover would at least pay to replace any damage to broken cabinets and the cost of replacing the silverware with sufficient alternatives. If club trophies are particularly valuable, then valuations should be obtained and they should be listed on the policy schedule.

Careful attention has to be paid to the maintenance of rugby league club facilities to ensure the site adheres to the latest health and safety guidelines and regulations. If a club employee, member or visitor to the rugby club suffers an injury as a result of basic safety being ignored, the club may be liable for damages due to negligence. For instance upswept stairs, broken stadium seats, loose hand railings or old loose nails surrounding a perimeter fence could all cause injury to members of the public. The public liability insurance element of the policy needs to have a suitable limit of indemnity to provide adequate protection.

There are lots of situations at sporting events that can lead to potential claims, is not unknown for fans and spectators to enjoy a pint before, during and after a rugby match. They can become rowdy, excitable and sometimes minor accidents do occur. The injured party may blame the club and sue for damages, even if the club was not at fault. Similarly, most rugby clubhouses operate catering facilities such as a restaurant, cafe or bar. These facilities will be be included as part of your liability insurance policy to mitigate threats of a guest or member becoming ill as a result of enjoying the facilities at the club.

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