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Football Club Insurance

Football Club Insurance Policies- call Assetsure for a quote

Football Club Insurance-There are over 210,000 football clubs in the United Kingdom. Protecting the financial viability of your football club with a comprehensive football club insurance policy is essential. Regardless of whether your team is professional, semi professional or just a Sunday league side, at Assetsure sure we can provide comprehensive buildings, contents and liability insurances to safeguard the future of your teams club. Our policy is written on package basis with a number of valuable sections. If your existing football club insurance policy is up for renewal soon give us a call to understand our policy features and covers.

For amateur and semi professional teams that are lucky enough to own their own stadium, pitch and changing facilities, there will be the variety of business assets to value and list on the policy. The threat to the stadium from a fire means that adequate buildings insurance must cover the rebuilding cost following a disaster. This may vary considerably depending on the nature and type of club as some local smaller clubs simply have wooden changing areas others may have concrete and brick built stadiums incorporating a range of facilities and rooms. The huge investment in physical infrastructure for larger clubs means that additional areas may have to be listed under the policy such as the seating stands, pitch floodlights and roofing elements of the stadium. When requesting a quotation, it will help us understand you needs, if you have full details of the construction of your stands, changing rooms & clubhouses etc.

Most football clubs will also have some form of changing rooms and clubhouse facilities which will also need to be protected in the event of buildings damage as a result of perils such as fire, flood or vandalism. The clubhouse is a place for players, supporters and employees alike to share and keep up with the latest team news, squad members, match fixtures and previews and reports. There may also be a lounge facility providing a place for directors, sponsors and players to have a social drink after a match and to browse some of the clubs history through it’s trophies and awards. Any memorabilia or silverware housed in these types of areas should also be listed as part of the contents element of the policy. It is advisable to obtain valuations for memorabilia and keep photographic evidence of all items of value.

Most clubs have some form of small cafe area serving burgers, tea and coffee for supporters for half-time refreshment and enjoyment during the match fixture. Any employees of a club will need to be protected under an employer’s liability section. This will protect the club in the event employee is accidentally injured and an act of negligence is levied against the club. Similarly most football clubs will normally take out public liability insurance (as an option of their their overall football club insurance package) to cover risks to members of the visiting public. For instance if someone is served food from the club and becomes ill they may blame the club and sue for damages. Likewise if stadium seats are not properly maintained and a supporter slips and hurts their back the club may be liable. The public liability insurance element of the policy needs to have a suitable limit of indemnity to provide adequate protection. Our policy carries a limit of up to £5,000,000.

Insuring the club’s contents is also an important part of the process of getting a comprehensive quote. Some larger clubs may have dedicated offices for management staff, coaches and trainers to run the administrative and support side of the business. This may mean that computers and other valuable contents within offices need to be listed on contents insurance element of the football club insurance policy. In addition there may also be players gymnasium and physiotherapy room in which specialist equipment may need to be listed within the policy documents. This may help to minimise any disputes in the event of a future insurance claim.

Our football club insurance aims to provide football clubs (large or small) across all leagues and divisions, to provide much needed protection in an uncertain world. Give us a call today for a football insurance quote and find out how we compare to your football insurance broker or insurance company.

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