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In recent years, many firms have opted to outsource their cleaning to third party firms and contract cleaners now provide a valuable and important service. However, like any other business carrying out work at other peoples premises and using a team of employees, it is important to make sure that you have the correct form of insurance in place to protect the business
What ever form of cleaning undertaken, there will be a need for liability insurance. This will include both public liability insurance & employers liability Insurance (although only employers liability insurance is a requirement of law, it is usual that both types of policy are written together) Insurance companies calculate the premiums based on a number of factors. Firstly, it is taken in to consideration, the type of work being carried out, in essence the more dangerous the type of cleaning, the more premium will be required. Also the turnover of the business will be taken in to consideration, it is usual that the larger the turnover, the larger the premium. For smaller companies employing only say a handful of staff, it may be possible to obtain quotations on a per capita basis. Previous claims experience is also a consideration as this too, can affect the premium requested.

Whilst liability insurance is the main consideration for this type of business, some will have requirements in other areas, such as cover for tools and equipment. Contract cleaners operate in a number of key areas, some will focus on the domestic markets, offering a service to homeowners, this type of cleaning is usually internal but often an additional service involving pressure washing to drives, patios and external surfaces such as paths and walls can also be accommodated. Many blocks of flats are also now opting to employ contract cleaners to clean the common parts of the building. Probably the biggest sector of the market relates to the cleaning of shops & offices, these premises have to be cleaned on a daily basis and large numbers of people are employed in this field. Other contract cleaners are involved in the fields of industrial cleaning, window cleaning and in some cases, high pressure cleaning on plant & machinery and even vehicles.

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