Tree Surgeon Insurance

Tree Surgeon Insurance Policies-
*** Please note, we are no longer offering insurance on this type of insurance***

Tree Surgeon Insurance is not always that easy to obtain, because of the ‘high risk’ nature of the work, many insurance companies will not quote for this type of cover. We can offer quotations for Public Liability Insurance for Tree Surgeons for a variety of indemnity levels and we can also offer premiums by monthly installments, a great way to help with your business budgeting.

Being a tree surgeon or arboriculturist is a demanding occupation, most would agree it’s quite dangerous and as a minimum to protect your business, public liability Insurance will be required as well employers liability insurance( if you have employees). More and more homeowners are requiring tree surgery services, so as they can comply with the terms and conditions of their home insurance policies. Insurers see the control of trees as a means of helping to guard against subsidence claims). Because of the nature of the work, whilst many homeowners feel confident enough to trim the odd branch, not many will be prepared ( or equipped) to work at height. Having public liability insurance for your tree surgery business, may help you to secure more business, a fully insured service helps to provide a professional appearance and of course if you have employees, will help you stay on the right side of the law.

Even the most careful tree surgeon can have the odd accident, particularly when work is undertaken close by to buildings, damage to property, especially outbuildings made of glass ( such as a conservatory is a worry for all professional trade’sman. More importantly is the potential injury to members of the public and by taking out insurance, you can help protect you business against claims.

The public liability trade’sman policy we sell via our partner company Intasure can cater for self employed tree surgeons (or limited companies) with up to 10 manual employees. This maximum number of 10 manual employees excludes persons working solely on a clerical basis. Thus if a business has 10 manual employees and 4 clerical employees it is still acceptable.

The Tree Surgeon public liability Insurance can cover up to £5,000,000 indemnity limit (sometimes needed especially if you are taking on work from commercial entities or local authorities) Employers Liability can be added as an optional extra, we can also cover your tools and equipment against a wide range of perils and can even provide cover for tools you have to hire in. In some cases, it may be possible to quote for Personal Accident.