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How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

How to Pick the Right Length Necklace

There are many different necklace lengths that suit a multitude of different people and necklines. While it may seem like necklaces are one-size-fits-all, this isn’t necessarily true and most of the jewellery industry follow standardised sizing for different necklace types. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find a way to adjust a lot of the sizes of the necklaces by using an extender or by cutting the chain, but the sizes below are a general guide of what size you will expect to find the standard necklace sold at.

  • Collar necklaces typically measure between 12 to 14 inches and sit tightly around the neck. They can be paired well with open-neck clothing such as V-necks and off the shoulder tops and dresses. Collar necklaces particularly suit slender necks as they will accentuate the area.
  • Choker necklaces are typically 15 to 16 inches and can be single of multi-stranded. These are a perfect alternative to collar necklaces if you don’t want something that is too snug around the neck. Choker necklaces are versatile and can be worn with most outfits, though we recommend avoiding polo-necks. As a bonus, choker necklaces are great for helping to balance out a rectangular or heart shaped face by softening an angular chin.
  • Princess necklaces sit just below the collarbone and tend to be the most common and versatile necklace sold by most jewellers. They are often sold as pendants, lockets, and charms. When wearing this type of necklace, ensure your neckline sits clearly higher or lower than the necklace so you can clearly see its design. Depending on the style of necklace, a princess necklace can be worn with most outfits and if you’re purchasing a pearl necklace in this length, then this is the perfect length to wear with formalwear.
  • Matinee necklaces are the ultimate day to night necklace. A matinee necklace measures from 20 to 24 inches and is considered a good option to wear with workwear during office hours and to after work drinks. Simple, monotone tops or dresses work best with these types of necklaces as they won’t clash with the necklace.
  • Opera necklaces are a fantastic way to elongate rounder face shapes as due to their long length (28 to 34 inches) they tend to hang down below the breast area. These necklaces are also long enough to be doubled up and worn as a choker – making them a versatile piece of jewellery. Evening dresses, formal blouses and higher neckline outfits work well with an opera necklace.
  • Rope and Lariat necklaces are the longest of the necklace types, coming in at over 45 inches. These lengthy necklaces cause the eye to sweep down the torso and can make great statement pieces. A rope necklace hangs close to the navel and can be doubled around the neck to make a princess necklace, or even tripled to create a choker or collar. Lariat necklaces are slightly different in that they are not attached at the ends and can be tied in multiple ways to create different looks. Most of these types of necklaces are in a beaded style.

Necklace Styling Tips for Your Face and Body Type

Understanding your face type and the features you love about your face is key to picking the most flattering necklace type to purchase.

  • Long necks can be emphasised with a collar or choker necklace. A collar necklace does a great job at emphasising the length of your neck, but if worn on a shorter or wider neck it can make the neck look wider.
  • Short necks can be lengthened with a longer necklace. Matinee necklaces are perfect for this as they sit between your collarbone and bust, helping to draw the eye downward. These necklaces are versatile and can be worn in both a formal and casual manner.
  • Body length should be considered when selecting the most flattering necklace. Longer necklaces could look odd on people with shorter torsos and shorter people may find that a shorter necklace will sit on their collarbone and help lengthen their torso.
  • Round faces are often flattered with longer length necklaces that can help create a “v” shape and length your face.
  • Heart shape or angular faces look great with collar or choker necklaces that help balance out the angles of the chin.

Insuring Your Necklace

Once you’ve selected the perfect necklace it’s important that you ensure that it’ll be protected for years to come. Learn more about our jewellery insurance and get a quote to protect your treasured necklace today.

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