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Jewellery Trends 2022

Colourful Jewellery

In 2021 we saw gen z jewellery trends begin to gain popularity, with 2000’s inspired plastic style jewellery pieces becoming popular again – including puka-shell anklets and necklaces, mood rings and resin pieces. 2022 is set to enhance this trend by adapting fine jewellery into something brighter and more joyful.

The runway was full of models wearing overly chunky, brightly coloured chains and charms that help bring a bit of happiness back into things. Look for attention seeking statement cocktail rings and large, energising hooped earrings to bring this trend to life in your own outfits. Royal blue, magenta and jewel tones played heavily in the colour choices for these statement pieces, alongside polished gold.

70s Charms

Vintage jewellery is always popular throughout every season – but 2022 is set to embrace the 70’s, especially its charm bracelets. Those containing pearls and older jewellery made by big names such as Paco Rabanne are set to be in demand. If you already have some older pieces in your jewellery collection it may be worth bringing them out for some overdue wear time.

Signet Rings and Large Set Stones

Gen Z have further influenced what we can expect to see being popular in 2022, with large signet rings growing in popularity and selling well on second-hand websites. Worn, vintage rings made from gold are popular and the chunkier the ring the better.

Contrary to the plastic jewellery trend that has emerged, large stone-set rings have surged in popularity too. Having multiple precious stones set within one large ring is a trend that will continue to grow, with designers making bolder designers with bigger stones to make a statement.

Purchasing from vintage websites can help you find vintage signet and large stone-set rings. These pieces of jewellery make good investment pieces as they come in and out of popularity often.

Bigger Stones

Bigger stones are set to be so popular we’ve included it twice – necklaces are growing in popularity and stone size, with supersized pendants attracting eyes and investment from jewellery buyers. Fun jewellery pieces embedded with colourful and fun stones such as emeralds, opals and coloured sapphires are going to be popular in 2022.

Upper Cuffs

Not often do we see bicep bracelets in the shops – but the catwalks were full of upper arm cuffs with fashion houses predicting that the summer of 2022 will bring with it decorated bare arms. Larger statement arm cuffs were seen worn on Prada models, alongside minimalist silver bracelets, making this a versatile trend for most wardrobes.


Burberry, Tom Ford, and Dolce & Gabbana all featured chokers prominently within their catwalk displays. Whether it’s the wide leather chokers that Burberry featured, or diamante-studded necklaces worn by other models, chokers will play a big part of spring/summer 2022. Fashion houses were big on pushing the glamourous party mood, so expect to see eye-catching diamond studded statement chokers making a return.

Name plate necklaces are also increasing in popularity and often come in choker styles, so they could be worth investing in as a statement piece or as a gift.

Protecting Your Jewellery Collection

No matter the jewellery trends that are set to be popular in 2022, one thing is certain; you’ll need to protect your jewellery collection to ensure you can continue to wear your loved pieces in the years to come. Learn more about our jewellery insurance and get a quote to protect your treasured pieces today.

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