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Bed and Breakfast Information

Information about Starting a Bed & Breakfast Business

Obtaining bed breakfast Insurance is one of the main considerations before you start your business. Most bed & breakfasts are run from private dwelling houses and buildings insurance will have to be obtained to include the same type of building insurance perils that can be obtained under a home insurance policy, i.e., fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake etc. If you have a mortgage or a commercial loan on the premises, your lender will want to see evidence of insurance and check that the required range of perils is covered. Assetsure can provide accommodation insurance for your b & b, guest house, lodge, inn, converted farmhouse, bed breakfasts and guesthouse.

However, a standard home building insurance policy is not suitable for a bed & breakfast establishment as business use is excluded under the terms of the policy, unless the insurance company have been informed and accepted what the building is being used for. Most, will not wish to provide or continue cover because of the commercial element and the additional liabilities required, you will have to arrange a policy where the insurance company have factored in to their rating, the business element of the risk. As a minimum, you should obtain Building & Contents bed breakfast insurance as well as bed breakfast public liability insurance (make sure it’s extended to include Food Poisoning) and Business Interruption cover, to protect your income in the event that your business has to close for reinstatement work following an insured peril.

Bed and Breakfast Information

The term Bed & Breakfast originated in the United Kingdom and is also known as B&B. The terms usually relate to a type of lodging establishment of up to eight or ten rooms that offers overnight accommodation coupled with a meal in the morning. Frequently used by business persons and commercial travellers, the facilities will not usually be as comprehensive of those of a hotel (there wont be swimming pools, gyms or a restaurant for example), however, some bed & breakfast premises, particularly the ones located in holiday locations will also offer an evening meal and may also have a bar facility.

Each guest is usually provided with a private bedroom which nearly always comes with en-suite facilities, some establishments will still have shared bathrooms but these are in the minority. Breakfast is usually served in the dining room although some landlords will allow you to have breakfast in your room. Often away from the holiday resorts, bed & breakfasts are run as a secondary form of occupation to make some extra money but it really depends on the location, the number of letting bedrooms and the demand for rooms and many are run as a full time business. In almost all cases, the proprietor or staff will prepare the meals and keep the rooms clean & tidy, this is typically a family run business, once you start entering the realms of employing professional staff & management, then the difference between a bed & breakfast & a Hotel, becomes a little greyer.

Bed & Breakfast establishments are very popular in the United Kingdom and a good number of people would prefer to use them rather than a hotel or motel. Staying in a B & B can provide you with a more personalised service, the proprietors usually go out of their way to make you feel at home and in most cases, the rooms and property will be more attractive than that offered by many hotels. So why do people choose to stay in this kind of establishment and what do visitors to a B& B look for?
Business Travellers are looking for conveniently located premises and sensible prices. Often firms that are sending staff on temporary assignments will place staff in Bed & Breakfasts, for one thing its cheaper than a hotel and secondly it can help employees not feel so much like, theyre away from home.

Almost all persons travelling for pleasure look for bed & breakfasts in scenic locations and the style of property can greatly help rental prospects. A homely personalised service is desirable and older style properties with atmosphere and ambience are most popular.

Bed & Breakfast guests like to feel at home with home comforts, they dont necessarily expect anything beyond a clean & tidy room but do like home style cooking to be provided. Most visitors like to feel they are at home or staying with family. Friendlessness of the owners is key when choosing a B&B

Bed & breakfast proprietors are often fonts of local knowledge and can be most helpful in helping guests save time and money. This helpfulness, promotes loyalty and a well run B&B will have a core of guests that return time & time again.

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