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single item jewellery insurance

Single Item Jewellery Insurance.

Many people find themselves in a situation where they are unable to find insurance for a small number of valuable items such as jewellery. Traditionally, items of value have always been covered under the “All Risks “section of a home insurance policy. However, there are many people, who for various reasons are unable to obtain the cover they need or cannot obtain it at a favourable price. At Assetsure, we receive enquiries from persons from all walks of life with a wide range of reasons whilst they are seeking a stand-alone policy.

Engagement rings are a very popular insurance request and we often find that younger people, just setting up home have few valuable possessions beyond computers and perhaps a few items of jewellery, there is a growing trend amongst this group of people to see insurance as an unnecessary burden on an already tight budget. However an engagement ring is usually a major purchase and most people could not stand the financial loss if one were to be lost or stolen

Having spoken to countless persons over the years I find that many of the younger generation have a different attitude to risk, possessions such as furniture and clothing are seen as disposable and almost not worth insuring. Some have even rather glibly suggested to me that they can’t honestly see anyone stealing there sofa or bed or that the chances of flooding on the third floor of an apartment block are slim! More importance however is attached to personal possessions such as phones, computers and jewellery, items whose loss would up-set the very fabric of a person’s daily routine. The trend as far as I can see, is to owning smaller numbers of higher value items that are portable and financially challenging to replace.

Single item jewellery insurance can help to provide a person with valuable protection against all risks insurance without the need to purchase cover on a wider range of contents. This type of policy is ideal for younger persons that are renting property, or who perhaps for a variety of reasons find it difficult to arrange a more standard form of policy. Cover can usually be quickly arranged on a worldwide basis. These types of policy offer very valuable covers including in many instances loss of the item itself.

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Our policy provides all-risks cover as standard. This means events such as loss or damage are covered with fewer exclusions and warranties.


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You are covered anywhere in the world for trips up to 60 days.

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We can insure single items of jewellery such as rings, earrings & pendants or whole collections. For smaller items you can insure on an "Unspecified basis"


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Our policy provides "All-risks" cover as standard. This means events such as loss or damage are covered with fewer exclusions and warranties.

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