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Diamonds- does size matter

Diamonds- does size matter

It never ceases to amaze me that when it comes to diamonds, particular those used in the manufacture of engagement rings that many people become obsessive about the size of the “rock”. Of course, there is nothing like showing off a piece of jewellery which looks spectacular in size, but is there more to it than that, is size everything?

Diamonds are weighed it carats (not to be confused with the term “Karat” which refers to the amount of gold in a particular item). A carat is a unit of weight for gemstones where one carat equals 0.2 of a gram, or 200 milligrams. If you are over a slightly older disposition then 142 carats equals one ounce.

Carats are divided into 100 units called points, thus a 50 point stone will weigh half a carat and a 25 point stone will weigh a quarter of a carat. It’s worth bearing in mind ” Carat” is a unit of weight not size, thus a diamond that is more dense, will be of a smaller size. It’s also worth remembering it that a piece of jewellery with many small diamonds that add up to say 1 carat, will not be as valuable as a single stone.

When providing quote for jewellery, we normally ask customers to provide us with a diamond certificate which confirms the physical attributes of the diamond.

In recent years, the value of larger diamonds has increased dramatically, mainly caused by their rarity.

Ok, now that’s out of the way let’s considered the other attributes and characteristics of a diamond that are more important than size. We need look no further than the first of the four Cs- cut.
When we refer to the cut of a diamond we are referring to its reflective qualities not its actual shape. The cut of a diamond is responsible for its brilliance, the fire or sparkle that comes from within its heart. Many people are unaware that a well cut diamond can actually make a smaller diamond look bigger; conversely a poorly cut larger diamond may not look so spectacular.

Because cut is so important, several grading methods have been introduced to help consumers determine the cut of a particular diamond.

These are as follows;

  • Ideal
  • Premium
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

A good jeweller should be able to give you some guidance when selecting a stone.

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