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Looking after your engagement ring

if you ask most ladies, they will tell you that their engagement ring is probably their most treasured possession, children aside of course. Taking care of this precious item comes quite naturally and that is always a good thing especially when you are a jewellery insurer. Insurance will of course compensate for the financial loss of an item, but the emotional and sentimental loss can perhaps never be replaced, however a few easy steps can help reduce the risk of loss or damage.

Check the settings.

Probably the largest cause of diamond losses can be attributed to the failure of the settings that hold the diamond in place and a close eye should be kept on these, we had an instance recently where a policyholder lost a diamond from a ring that was less than 3 months old, thankfully the diamond was found but this isn’t always the case and it is essential that settings are checked on a regular basis, as they will work loose, especially on rings that are worn everyday.

We recommend having them checked at least every two years and for some policies that we issue it is a condition of cover. It’s a simple procedure to arrange and often a jeweller will professionally clean the ring for you at the same time.

Keep in on /Take it off

Some jewellers believe that to keep a ring safe, you should remove it from your fingers when performing certain tasks, we’re not convinced by this argument as repeatedly removing a ring from your finger can result in it becoming loose and more likely to become lost. Of course diamonds are not indestructible and they can become scratched and chipped but if you are worried about catching the diamond on something or to prevent it from being on display when using public transport, you can always turn it around so the diamond faces inwards. If you do like to remove your engagement ring, try to take the ring off and avoid touching the stones in the process, it’s better to grasp the metal portion and remove the ring this way

Keep in clean

No matter whether you take the ring off or leave it on, the diamonds are going to become covered with a film of dirt, even if your hands are scrupulously clean, any touching of the diamond will leave a residue on the surface which can diminish its brilliance. Most residues can easily be removed, with a little breath and a soft lint free cloth. If however you are interested in more professional jewellery cleaning products, you could try Cooksongold, they have quite a range on their website

Care away from Home

Try to avoid removing the ring from your finger whilst you are away from home as it is all too easy to leave the item in a washroom or even on a piece of gym equipment, in an effort to protect your ring from damage, you are inadvertently increasing the chances of loosing it. Items of jewellery are a magnet for thieves so be careful in public places, try to avoid unnecessary display of valuable items

One place we do not recommend wearing an engagement ring is in a swimming pool, these mostly contain Chlorine which can cause discolouration in both the mount and the metal used in the band. We are pleased to be able to offer insurance for engagement rings that are kept in locked lockers at swimming pools

Keep in safe

Finally, one last piece of advice if you do take the ring of at home, make sure you put it in a safe place, preferably a safe or at least somewhere you will remember leaving it and there is little chance of it becoming lost. if you use a jewellery box, make sure the individual items are wrapped as this is where most scratches occur.
Assetsure offer insurance on single items of jewellery, to receive a free no obligation quotation from us click here

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