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Bowling Club Insurance

Bowling Club Insurance Policies

Bowling Club Insurance. There are over 8000 bowling clubs in the United Kingdom. Protecting the financial viability of your bowling club with a comprehensive bowling club insurance policy is essential. Regardless of whether your club caters for lawn bowls, crown green bowls, indoor bowls, short mat bowls or carpet bowls, at Assetsure sure we can provide comprehensive buildings, contents and liability insurances to safeguard the future of your bowling club. Our bowling club insurance policy is written on package basis with a number of valuable sections. If your existing bowling club insurance policy is up for renewal soon give us a call to understand our policy features and covers.

Bowling provides recreation and relaxation for tens of thousands of people across the United Kingdom. Lawn green bowls dates back hundreds of years and is a popular sport from many old people who are seeking to compete, keep fit and socialise amongst like-minded people. There are dozens of tournaments held each year hosted across a range of lawn bowls clubs at regional locations. Most lawn bowls clubs are immaculately presented and most to include a lawn pavilion to cater for club members. Lawn bowls is usually enjoyed up and down an immaculately presented lawn. In the game of ‘Singles’, each player has four bowls called ‘woods’ (which has moved on to resin based materials these days similar to the transformation in the world of golf between wooden drivers and titanium drivers). These bowls are rolled alternately at a target ball called a Jack or Kitty. Each bowl is less rounded on one side which means it is biased in one direction because of the extra weight pushing it to one side. If a bowl if correctly rolled taking into account the bias the bowl it follows a slightly curved path as it rolls which accentuates as the bowl comes to a halt. The Jack is a smaller white ball without a bias. Like many traditional sports lawn bowls has strict rules of etiquette and professionalism including a smart dress code. Therefore most pavilions have a changing room area with secure lockers. Inside most pavilions would be separate areas for a member cafe or refreshments areas. Short mat bowls are also becoming an increasingly popular sport where any indoor premises does not have the capacity to house a full-size bowling strip indoors.

As the pavilion is the main business asset to the club it requires buildings and contents insurance to protect the club’s future financial viability should disaster occur such as a fire, flood or theft. Any valuable contents such as an office computer should be listed on the contents element of to the policy. Likewise any lawn keeper garden tools were expensive machinery to maintain the lawn should also be listed as these may be a target for thieves. Bowling clubs may also own an indoor premises for indoor Bowling activities. If your club has a refreshment area serving food or beverages it should to be considered as part of a liability option of the bowling club insurance policy. It is possible that a guest, member or visiting member of the public could become ill as a result of consuming something served at the club. The club needs to protect itself against the risk of being sued for damages for negligently operating a catering activity below the required health and safety standards expected.

Bowling clubs are naturally proud of their heritage and may keep any trophies and awards exhibited inside glass panelled wooden trophy cabinets. In the event of a break-in the loss of silverware would be a great shame to any bowling club. However adequate contents cover would at least pay to replace any damage to broken cabinets and the cost of replacing the silverware with sufficient alternatives. If club trophies are particularly valuable, then valuations should be obtained and they should be listed on the policy schedule.

Lastly our policy can help compensate your bowling club in the event that it cannot continue it’s business operations due to third party influences such as denial of access to paying visitors or members. For instance if a competition has to be abandoned due to unforeseen local road works closing of all entrances into the bowling grounds our business interruption insurance option may help rectify the losses incurred.

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