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Flats Security Issues

Introduction – as the recession grows deeper and longer, there has been a statistical increase in the number of burglaries in England and Wales. Break-ins into blocks of flats and apartments are a common problem. This article looks at the various problems and solutions associated with providing security for blocks of flats and apartments in England and Wales.

Burglary – although most petty burglaries, do not involve direct threats to people (they happen when residents are not in the premises), burglary can leave residents feeling vulnerable and threatened. Many burglaries occur when residents are out of their premises, at work. Most criminals tend to be opportunistic young males, who have identified weaknesses in the physical security aspects of the block of flats. Most are seeking small value items they can sell the cash such as jewellery, mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices.Unfortunately, many residents leave their windows or doors unlocked, making it a simple exercise for the criminal to enter the property and snatch what they can, within the few minutes they are there. Others use ordinary household tools such as hammers and screwdrivers to break open window locks or door locks to enter the flat. Block of flats complexes with minimal security precautions, with a high degree of an unoccupancy, provide the criminal with an ideal opportunity to target lower level apartments. According to the British crime survey, homeowners and flat owners with minimal security are 10 times more likely to be burgled than those owners where comprehensive security has been implemented.

When quoting for flat insurance and home insurance for buildings and contents for homeowners in the United Kingdom insurers will require information with refard to the security arrangements at your property. Special consideration has to be applied to flats within blocks and you may well find that certain types of lock are not permitted to be fitted to flat doors for saety reasons. For further information, contcat your local crime prevention unit or even your local fire brigade.

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