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Estate Agent Insurance

At Assetsure, we can offer insurance for your estate agents business. A full package policy is available, with a wide range of benefits and an instalment plan if required. Our shop insurance, which is suitable for an estate agency is arranged on a package basis, offering a broad range of covers to protect your business. (this policy is still suitable if your estate agency is located in an office).

Firstly, we can offer building insurance, for the property in which your business is located. You will need to establish the rebuilding cost, and we will use this sum insured to help calculate your premium. Factors that can increase the premium are the location of your estate agent shop or the construction of the property. Many estate agents lease or rent their property from a landlord. In these cases, the landlord will usually arrange the building insurance, but you will still be expected to cover any shop front glass or advertising signs affixed to the building.

The business insurance policy suitable for estate agent comes with a number of different covers, all arranged into convenient sections. Our policy is rated on a package basis, so you pay one insurance premium for the whole policy. There are some optional sections, but we can discuss these with you, when you call for a quotation.

Estate Agent Insurance- Policy covers

One of the main sections of our estate agent insurance, covers your business contents, in essence, these are computer and electronic office equipment, either which you own, or you are responsible for including, printers, fax machines and photocopiers, landlord fixtures and fittings, interior decorations, tenant improvements, and shop fronts which you are liable to insure (if you rent the building, the landlord will usually expect you to insure the glass). Cover additionally extends to all other trade contents for which you are responsible including, tables, chairs, counters, etc. and all of your stock. Employee’s personal effects up to £500 for any one employee are furthermore provided for. The policy can be extended to cover “All Risks Insurance”, this is useful if you have any equipment that you take out of the office (such as a laptop computer) a wide range of perils and accidental damage is provided.

Among the benefits are : cover for contract disputes, health & safety prosecutions, data protection act problems, employment disputes & compensation award, criminal prosecution, property protection & tax protection. The policy also comes with free access to an on-line business law service and a help line offering free legal advice & tax advice. There is a separate number to offer counselling for employees. We can provide further details on request and will be delighted to offer you a quotation for insurance for your estate agents business.

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