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Church Insurance

We will endeavour to obtain insurance for your church or place of worship. We will endeavour to obtain quotations for all denominations. Regardless of whether your building is a; church, abbey, cathedral, mosques, priory, shrine, synagogue or temple, it will often involve a style of architecture or may have building materials within it’s construction that may prove expensive to repair or replace.

Often religious buildings are listed; the grade of listing can vary depending on the location within the United Kingdom but usually, this listing will increase the rebuilding cost and the time that reinstatement following a loss can take. Places of worship are often large with accompanying large building sums insured, they often have extended periods of un occupancy, so there are a number of features that can increase the chances and size of a loss. Building insurance can help provide protection against sudden and unforeseen losses such as Fires, Floods & Storms. Usually a wide rage of insurance perils is available, similar to any other type of building insurance policy. Property owner’s liability insurance will also be included.

Church Insurance-obtaining a quote

To obtain a quotation, details will be required relating to the rebuilding costs, and the construction of the property, including the type of roof and roofing material used. You will also have to provide information about any previous claims or history of flooding or subsidence. Full details of the location, including postcode must also be provided as well as details of the age of the property. As well as the building, cover can also be included for the “Church Business”. In the main this relates to contents, which can include; seating, tables, decorations, musical equipment and other religious items that are used and kept within the premises. It may also be possible to obtain cover for items that are taken away from the church on a temporary basis. To obtain an accurate quotation you will have to provide details of the sums insured. Details of the security you have in force at the building will also be needed, such as door locks and information relating to any alarm system if one is installed.

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