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Watch out….Men’s jewellery is on the rise.

A man’s jewellery is often confined to a watch, wedding ring, and, for the more intrepid, perhaps a striking cufflink on special occasions.

However, there is evidence to suggest that men are increasingly indulging in high-quality pieces of jewellery, and many now place far greater importance on the quality of their collection when compared with their counterparts a century ago. Understated class is the objective, and most men utilise just a handful of pieces to achieve this.

The timeless timepiece

Relying on one piece to complete a look means that, whatever you choose, it has to be effective. Nowhere is this truer than with regard to watches. Timepieces for men boast an incredible diversity, and yet it is the classic designs that have remained consistently the most sought after.

For instance, designs such as Tag Heuer’s Carrera and the 1887 range have stood the test of time, largely unchanged, for half a century. With watches such as the Rolex Submariner, the design has hardly changed since the 1950s; in fact, so timeless is the Submariner that it increases in value with time, starting from around three years after purchase. Although the classic Swiss aesthetic is firmly engraved in the foundations of men’s fashion, it seems that there is some room for growth or change in the male jewellery market.

Room for manoeuver

Aside from watches, there is a huge amount of potential in the men’s jewellery market. Smaller, high-quality, bespoke accessories are being utilised by a growing number of men seeking to distinguish their look from the crowd. The variation afforded by subtle, functional, yet no less decorative pieces, such as tie clips, cufflinks, and signet rings, are key for a man wanting to expand his collection beyond the timepiece.

Consumer analysts at Lyst, the personalised shopping marketplace, revealed that the market for men’s jewellery has grown significantly over the past few years; over the year to April 2013, it grew by 600%, with the main drivers being rings and bracelets.

The signet ring, long the symbol of the landed gentry, is becoming more popular with ‘new money’, particularly amongst City based financiers. The renewal of the 1950s inspired, clean-cut, gentleman style, with its tweed blazers and immaculate brogues, has provided a natural precursor to the rejuvenation of the tie clip, decorative cufflinks, and the subtle identity bracelet.

Protecting your valuables

Whether your primary jewellery purchase is a quality timepiece, or whether you decide to invest in high-value accessories to complete your ‘look’, ensuring that your investments are properly protected is vital. This is particularly true with top of the range watches, which have the potential to increase massively in value over relatively short time periods. Acquiring bespoke, comprehensive insurance for your collection is absolutely vital if you want to enjoy your purchases with total peace of mind.

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