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High Value Jewellery Insurance

High Value Jewellery Insurance

At Assetsure, we have a policy that has been especially designed to cover high value jewellery. This policy is completely independent of a home insurance policy .We will be pleased to offer quotations for single items of jewellery or collections. We will consider most scenarios for cover and we accept high single item sums insured. W

We consider each case on it’s merits. We are flexible as well when it comes to the terms and conditions provided, we do our best to tailor make cover to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We realise that it is often  difficult to obtain cover on high value jewellery as many insurers impose strict limitations on the maximum value that can be accepted under a policy wording. By insuring your  high value jewellery on a specialist policy,you can keep your home insurance ( and its valuable no claims bonus) separate

Cover Available

We offer insurance  on a world wide all-risk basis, and our policy has no excess to pay in the event of a loss. We have no limit on the number of trips abroad you can make ( maximum duration any one trip 60days) We also include  additional covers such as pairs and sets to offer you a wide comprehensive policy wording.

What values can be covered?

Naturally for very high values we consider each case on it’s merits and we will need to speak you to  fully understand the risk being proposed. You will find our staff knowledgeable and helpful.

How to obtain a quote

To obtain a quote, simply complete one of our online forms or if you would prefer telephone our office. You will find it easy to contact our company and be pleasantly surprised at the speed we will deal with your enquiry. We have in-house authority for most items but on occasions where we do have to refer cover, you can normally expect an answer the same day.

Obtaining Insurance

We email our quotations  as soon as provided and if you wish to accept our offer of insurance, we can arrange cover in a matter of minutes, we have a variety of payment methods and we provide full policy documents by email immediately cover is placed. We provide our high value jewellery customers with 3 days to review  our policy and it’s features.

Assetsure High Value Jewellery Insurance is fully underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.