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Holiday Home Insurance Slovenia

Holiday Home Insurance Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful alpine country located next to Hungary, Coatia and Italy. It has a small population of just 2 million people and the capital city, Ljubljana is home to around three hundred thousand people. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with cafes, students and professionals seeking quality accommodation. The main reasons the growth in Slovenia’s popularity as a holiday destination is that it has the traditional alpine pursuits of holiday skiing, walking, water activities (on lakes such as Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj), as well as and rich historic culture and unspoilt charm. There is also a twenty mile coastline for beach activities in the summer months.

With a flight time from from the UK of just two hours and one hour time difference, for years, Slovenia has been a natural holiday hotspot for tourists seeking fresh mountain air and stunning alpine scenery. In addition, Slovenia is fast becoming a property hotspot too for foreign investors seeking second homes or holiday lets. The Government has recognised this and has introduced legislation to make it easier for foreign investors to buy a property in Slovenia. Low cost airlines to destinations like Brnik (Ljubljana), Graz or Klagenfurt (Austria) have also opened up potential for fly to let investors and second holiday homeowners to seek holiday home in Slovenia.

Slovenia has now joined the European Union in order to improve it’s economic growth and access to markets, particularly tourism and foreign investment. This has resulted in a foreign investors being able to purchase property without complicated administration and delay from the Slovenian government. One caveat (lasting up to 7 years) to joining the European Union was that Slovenia kept a Clause that allowed it to reverse it’s decision to allow non residents to purchase property under force them to use the traditional administration process.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Slovenia have you must be aware of the local laws and processes. For instance you must obtain an EMSO number to undertake local searches on land database records. In addition, legal contracts must be presented in Slovenian language and translated if necessary and all priced in Euros. The money must be held in a Slovenian bank account. The tax system is also quite complicated and if you plan to let out your property will need to make yourself familiar with local VAT and inheritance tax laws that are very across their regions of the country.  Assetsure are able to offer insurance for an Slovenia holiday home.  The main holiday home areas are: Bloke, Bohinj, Borovnica, Bovec, Braslovce, Brda, Brezice, Brezovica, Cankova, Celje, Cerklje Na Gorenjskem, Cerknica, Cerkno, Cerkvenjak, Crensovci, Crna Na Koroskem, Crnomelj, Destrnik, Divaca, Dobje, Dobrepolje, Dobrna, Dobrova Horjul Polhov Gradec, Dobrovnik Dobronak, Dol Pri Ljubljani, Dolenjske Toplice, Domzale, Dornava, Dravograd, Duplek, Gorenja Vas Poljane, Gorisnica, Gornja Radgona, Gornji Grad, Gornji Petrovci, Grad, Grosuplje, Hajdina, Hoce Slivnica, Hodos Hodos, Horjul, Hrastnik and Hrpelje Kozina,

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