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Holiday Home Insurance Hungary

Holiday Home Insurance Hungary – Hungary was one of the ten new members of the EU in 2004 and has proved to be one of the most economically dynamic in it’s first years of membership. Hungary has emerged from it communist past as one of the most popular Eastern European countries in which people by a holiday or second home. This is a beautiful country with cheap property prices and the cost of living is also a lot lower than many other countries. The Republic of Hungary is a landlocked country and located in Central Europe. It shares borders with no less than seven other European countries; Austria, Slovakia, UKraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The country has a wealth of charms and it’s capital city Budapest has a lively arts and music scene, it is a popular destination with travellers and is generally seen as the most important area by overseas property investors. Other important cities in Hungary include; Debrecen, Gyor, Miskolc, Pecs, and Szeged.

Why Buy a Holiday Home in Hungary– Property prices have been increase steadily in recent years and experts predict that this is set to continue, Hungary is developing quite a healthy buy to let market and this is helping to move property prices upwards especially in the capital city. Many major companies (e.g. Electrolux, Nokia, GE) have moved offices to Budapest creating a major demand in the residential rental market for employees, investors have latched on to this and many have bought property safe in the knowledge that they can achieve strong rental yields. Compared with other European cities, property prices in Budapest are still on the low side and increase of 15% per annum are still being predicted. Buying property is Hungary is not over complicated and with the Hungarian authorities committed to joining the euro zone before the end of 2012, the actual process of buying property is likely to become easier and this in turn should see prices increase further..

Holiday Home Insurance for Property in Hungary? – Whether you have a holiday, second or investment home in Hungary, insurance for the property is now available from the United Kingdom. Cover is available for both buildings and contents and it is usually possible to extend cover to include liability cover for letting. As with most countries, there are often rules and regulations regarding the letting of property and it is always advisable to have your solicitor check these before you proceed to allow you home to be tenanted. Overseas insurance polices arranged via the United Kingdom will usually take care of all the local taxes for you. Hungary is not a country that is regarded as being beset by natural disasters, it does experience the odd minor earthquake and the Eastern part of the country has in the past experienced severe flooding. However, insurance should take care of both of these perils and will almost certainly be a requirement if you have a mortgage on your property.

The Holiday Home Market in Hungary – At the present moment, anyone can buy a property in Hungary but you do need to apply for a permit from the authorities,When buying as an individual it is usual for your appointed solicitor to apply to the local municipality for permission to buy as a foreigner. This is a formality and takes between 4-8 weeks. The usual period is six weeks and during this period you can look in to arrangements to obtain a mortgage etc. The permit cost will be in the region of 250 Euros. If multiple properties are to be purchased often it is better to set up a limited company, your solicitor or accountant should be able to advise on this matter. Offers for the property are usually communicated to the estate agent or developer via your solicitor and it is to your solicitor that you pay the deposit of approximately 2000 Euros per property.  As with many other European countries, a public notary is required and among his duties will be certifying the buyer’s identity to initiate the permit approval process. You do not actually need to visit Hungary to start this process, and the process can be started at any Hungarian embassy or consulate but this is not always convenient, you may have to make an appointment and travel quite a distance to reach one, also prices for the service are likely to be higher. The signing of the sale agreement can also be taken care at a local Hungarian Embassy, it will be notarised and then posted to your solicitor. If you wish to have the documents signed in Hungary, you do not have to actually attend in person, you can appointed a representative to sign then paperwork on your behalf.

So if you are seeking an holiday home insurance quote why not see if we can help? The main holiday home areas are: Bacs Kiskun, Baranya, Bekes, Bekescsaba, Borsod Abauj Zemplen, Csongrad, Debrecen, Dunaujvaros, Eger, Fejer, Gyor, Gyor Moson Sopron, Hajdu Bihar, Heves, Hodmezovasarhely, Jasz Nagykun Szolnok, Kaposvar, Kecskemet, Komarom Esztergom, Miskolc, Nagykanizsa, Nograd, Nyiregyhaza, Pecs, Pest, Somogy, Sopron, Szabolcs Szatmar Bereg, Szeged, Szekesfehervar, Szolnok, Szombathely, Tatabanya, Tolna, Vas, Veszprem, Zala and Zalaegerszeg

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