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Residents Newsletter ideas

Ideas for running your block of flats

The Residents Newsletter- Basic Ideas. If you live in block of flats, whether, enfranchisement has been achieved or not, setting up a residents newsletter can be good idea. As well as bring to the attention of other residents, the latest news with regard to the block, the issue of a news letter can help to foster a feeling of a community. Blocks that have adopted a news letter, have after a period of time discovered that the residents achieve an identity which can help create a better living environment.

Setting up the news letter is fairly easy, once you have located a person that is willing to run it. Initially, it’s a good idea to contact all flat owners and inform them of the purpose of the news letter and how often it will be issued. You may find, you are able to collect email addresses as some leaseholders may to be happy to receive the news letter in an electronic format. In the initial letter, you could ask for flat owners opinions of what items they would like to see in the news letter, also you could ask if any person would be willing to make any contributions to content. Most people will want to know if it’s going to cost anything and you could also mention any charges required for printing etc. If you are intending to use the newsletter to announce official business, such as the collection of monies, or any changes or alterations that are likely to result in extra funds being required, this should be mentioned and agreement obtained by all flat owners that this is an accepted format for such notifications. The news letter can have a number of functions.

  1. It can provide an overview of anything that has happened since the last news letter.
  2. It can introduce topics that need to be discussed.
  3. It can mention ideas in a non formal manner.
  4. it can announce and provide information for forth coming events.
  5. It can serve as a reminder for outstanding matters.
  6. It can be used to promote feedback on ideas and problems relating to the running of the block.

A format should be decided on and each issue should be identified ( with a number and the time of year it issued) it’s a good idea to include season information which can help to keep the block in good condition you could mention in the autumn months, the need to ensure that drains are kept free from leaves etc and how to avoid burst pipes in the winter months. All of this risk management information can help prevent insurance claims from occurring and thus keep building insurance premiums down. If you are going to use the news letter to ask for ideas and opinions, don’t forget to include details of how to reply and a date by which replies must be received.

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