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Road Cycles

It’s generally acknowledged that when it comes to style and the need for speed, a Road Cycle is hard to beat. There is an almost endless supply of frames available from aluminium to the latest super light carbon fibre. For the enthusiast, there is also a myriad of components and optional extras that can be added and upgraded.

You’ve taken a good deal of care to assemble your road cycle so why not make sure your prized possession is protected by a quality insurance policy from Assetsure underwritten by HCC International Insurance Company

We cover cyclists the length and breadth of the United Kingdom ranging from members of cycling clubs through to persons using their bike as a means of commuting to work. We know from discussions with our customers that when insuring cycles, there is a need to be flexible when it comes to the cover on offer; one size doesn’t fit all. We also know that you have to offer real value for money. We have thus worked closely with our underwriters at Lloyd’s of London to bring you a "Core" policy that can easily be extended to suit your own individual needs.

With Road Cyclists in mind, all our policyholders benefit from an inclusive legal expenses insurance providing up to £100,000 of cover. In our opinion this cover is essential if you are using your cycle on the roads where accidents with motorists can often happen.

Why choose a policy from Assetsure

  • Cover against accidental damage and loss up to £12,500
  • Theft cover (at home and away)
  • Accessories cover
  • Replacement cycle hire costs
  • Cover for helmets and clothing
  • Legal expenses insurance £100,000
  • Monthly payment option
  • Free 45 day European cover

Optional Extras

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Get you Home Costs
  • Competition Use
  • Cover for other Family Members

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Why choose our specialist insurance cover?


Lloyd's of London coverholders icon-thin-chevron-down

We hold prestigious Lloyd’s of London cover holder status where most of our policies are underwritten. We also place business with major UK insurers


Accidental Damage & Theft Included icon-thin-chevron-down

The two “must have” covers are both included in our policy. Loss of your cycle by “Theft” is provided at, and away from your home.


Legal Expenses - Included icon-thin-chevron-down

We provide £100,000 of cover. This is essential for persons using their cycle on busy roads and can help with making a claim for injury or damages against a third party.


Replacement Cycle Hire - Included icon-thin-chevron-down

Ideal if you need your cycle to travel to work or to take part in an event such as Cyclo-Cross or a Triathlon and your own cycle is unavailable following theft or damage.


Accessories, Helmets & Clothing - Included icon-thin-chevron-down

Inclusive insurance for your cycle accessories or specialist helmets & clothing. You can increase the sum insured limits if required


Public Liability - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

Protects you against claims from a third party which could include; a pedestrian, another cyclist or a motorist. Choose from either £1 million or £2 million cover


Personal Accident - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

Provides you with a capital sum if you are involved in a serious accident whilst using your cycle. You can choose a level of cover to suit your needs.


European Use - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

For a small additional premium, you can extend your policy to cover you for up to 45 days use in the European Union.


Competition Use - Optional icon-thin-chevron-down

You can extend your policy to include cover whilst using your cycle to take part in competitions such as cyclo-cross or triathlons