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  • Cover for accidental loss or damage
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Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery Insurance from Assetsure helps protect your most valuable possessions.

For some people, covering valuable items under  a home insurance policy is not a viable option. Often the sums insured are too high and the insurer does not wish to extend cover.

Now there is a solution to this situation as we at Assetsure are able to offer a stand-alone policy to cover your most precious items. We offer a jewellery insurance  policy  designed to cover either single items or groups of items without the need to add any other sections of cover at all. We provide a comprehensive worldwide “All Risks” policy wording and we will consider most valuations. In some cases, removing an  “All Risks” section, can lead to a more competitive home policy quote and by arranging cover separately, you certainly wont have to worry about loosing your no claims discount.

Jewellery Insurance- What can we cover

We provide insurance for  all types of jewellery including diamond engagement rings and quality Swiss watches. We are equally happy insuring single items or groups of items, the choice is yours.

How to obtain your  quote

If you require a quotation our process is simple and easy. In most cases it takes just a matter of minutes and  cover can be arranged on the same day. We will  provide you with full policy documentation including a schedule of items insured and  a full description of the items covered. Your policy will arrive by email within a few minutes of cover being effected. You can either complete one of our online quotes or call our office, we are open in to the evening so as you can arrange cover at your convenience.

The type of cover do we provide

When you buy a policy from Assetsure, you are buying peace of mind that your valuable items fully protected by an insurance policy underwritten at the world’s oldest insurance institution. Not only that, the cover provided by our policy has some very worthwhile benefits. Just take a look at the following;

  • Worldwide ” All Risks” Insurance underwritten at Lloyds’ of London.
  • No limit on the number of trips you can make abroad ( 60 days any one trip)
  • No excess to pay in the event of a loss
  • Cover for damage, theft and accidental loss covered as standard
  • Cover in and away from the home including street robbery and physical loss
  • Normally no extra security requirements at home such as safe’s and special locks

For full details of our cover, please refer to our Key Facts leaflet and policy document, both are available on request. If you require a  quotation for jewellery insurance, simply complete one of our Jewellery Insurance quote request forms or call our office. In most cases, we are able to provide both a quote and cover on the same day.