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Warehouse Insurance

Commercial buildings Insurance

Warehouse Insurance is available for commercial buildings that are used for storage purposes. Warehouses, vary in construction from traditional stone or brick buildings, often with glass or asbestos sheeted roofs, to those of a more modern metal design located on “out of town” parks. The type of goods that can be stored in a warehouse is almost limitless; most of the buildings will have storage areas as well as office space that are used for administrative purposes. In the main, a warehouse insurance policy can offer both buildings and contents insurance. To obtain a quote for the building, a full address and postcode will have to be obtained along with details of the construction of the property. Many warehouse buildings will differ from standard commercial buildings, in that some are converted redundant factory premises and thus involve a lot of glass, particularly in the roofing structure. Details of the security in force at the premises will also be needed particularly, if the stock to be covered is of a high risk nature. The usual set of buildings insurance perils should be available, if the warehouse is of standard construction. Terrorism insurance can be purchased as an optional extra.

Contents Insurance

The contents section of the policy will cover the items that are being stored in the warehouse as well as general contents such as tables, chairs and computers that may be kept in any office section of the building. In some cases, the insurers will specify that items stored have to be kept a certain level from the ground, this is to help minimise the chance of a loss following flooding or burst pipes. Some warehouses come equipped with special sprinkler leakage systems, to help control fires. Many polices will provide cover for sprinkler leakage, but it should always be pointed out, if there is a system on the premises. To obtain a warehouse contents insurance quote, you will need to provide full details of the replacement costs of the items contained within the building. Different rates may apply to different types of stock, so it’s important that full disclosure of the items stored is made to obtain the cheapest quote and the correct cover.

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