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Hearing Aid Insurance

Hearing Aid Insurance from Assetsure

Now that you have acquired your new hearing aids, you will want to make sure that you have adequate hearing aid  insurance protection in force. As with any small portable item, these objects are easy to  lose or damage accidentally.

We provide cover for persons normally resident in the United Kingdom in respect of loss or damage to hearing devices. (We also include unexplained disappearance cover as standard) Our policy is underwritten at Lloyd s of London and includes unlimited trips abroad of up to 60 days each trip. We insure most types of devices either analogue or digital including;

Hearing Aid Insurance

An example of a Hearing Aid insured by Assetsure

Our policy covers your aids and all accessories such as bluetooth, remote controls and wireless devices.

• Behind the ear ( BTE)
• Behind the ear mini ( BTE mini)
• Receiver in the ear ( RITE)
• In the ear ( ITE)
• Completely in the Canal ( CIC)
• Body worn devices

We will provide you with cover on a replacement as new basis and you should insure your device for it’s full replacement value.

Assetsure hearing aid insurance policy- Availability

Our policy  is available for person age 18 years and over. In the event of an insured claim occurring under your policy we will also pay up to £150.00 towards audiologist  consultation and refitting charges if applicable.

Our policy is securely underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and we have no special requirements requiring security or locks and your normal place of residence. We can provide quotations and cover for most aids immediately and premiums can be paid by credit or debit card. We also offer monthly instalments.

Obtaining a Quotation for  Hearing Aids

To obtain your quotation, simply complete and return our online form or alternatively, if more convenient call our office on  0208 0033 190. In most cases, we are able to offer cover on the same day with documents instantly delivered to you by email.

If you are an audiologist and are interested in introducing customers to  Assetsure, please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with further information


To view a copy of our policy cover  please click on the following link  Hearing Aid Policy Wording

To view a summary of our cover  please click on the following link    Hearing Aid Summary of Cover