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School Insurance

In the United Kingdom, many schools have decided to opt out of local authority control and become self-governing. Added to this list are a number of other schools that are privately owned and run and make their own decisions with regard to purchases for the school. All of these schools are able to source and buy their insurance on an open market basis, thus searching around for the best insurance deals. Most schools will have a range of insurance needs, starting with insurance for the school buildings. Most modern schools will contain a range of buildings which can be spread out over a fairly large site. Often, these buildings are of varying construction materials but all should be able to be included under the buildings section of the policy.

Some schools (particularly the small independent ones will rent their premises, and most of these will have the building insurance arranged by the landlord. Other sections of the schools insurance policy will cover the Business itself. As with other types of commercial insurance policy, cover is available for a wide range of perils which can usually be extended to include accidental damage. The primary section of the policy relates to the insurance of the schools contents, equipment and any stock items that are kept on the premises. To make sure that sums insured are accurate, it is a good idea to carry out an inventory of replacement costs of all items. These can then be placed in to separate sections helping the insurer distinguished between general contents such as tables, desks & chairs and high risk items such as computers & electrical equipment. Other core sections of the policy will include Business Interruption which may help to provide temporary accommodation for the school in the event of a major event such as a fire or a flood occurring at the premises, which renders the buildings unable to be used. Public Employers & Products liability is also included as well as a range of other covers which can be included if required.

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