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Nursery Insurance Cover

Insurance for a children’s nursery is available on a commercial insurance package basis. The policy wording is split in to various different sections and you can pick and choose which you wish to effect cover in respect of. The primary section of the policy will provide cover for the nursery contents and equipment; these should be insured on a replacement cost basis. As well as cover for the contents, you will be able to purchase cover for your liabilities and business interruption cover.

Business interruption

Business interruption will help protect you if your business is unable to use your premises following a serious incident such as a fire or flood. Most nursery businesses are able to continue to provide a service following an incident by obtaining alternative premises for the duration of the restoration work, a form of business interruption cover called increased cost of working expenses will help with this. There are other covers available under the general section and this includes Money, Personal Accident & Legal Expenses Insurance.

Your premium is calculated on a number of factors including the location and postcode of your business as well as the sum insured for contents. In essence, the higher the sums insured, the more expensive the premium. For certain areas, the insurers, may well want the buildings to be protected by an alarm or other physical security, to help guard against theft. Buildings insurance for a nursery, is available as an optional extra. If you rent or lease your premises from a landlord or local authority, you will probably find they will arrange the insurance for you. Always check to make sure who is insuring the property for you.

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