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  • Includes Accidental Damage and Theft
  • Includes Replacement Hire Cover
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Musical Instrument Insurance

Musical Instrument Insurance from Assetsure.

Whether you are a professional musician, a keen amateur or perhaps have a son or daughter at school or college that is learning an instrument for the first time, we have a policy that with cover your musical instruments and associated equipment including recording equipment on an “ All Risks” basis.

We will cover almost any type of musical instrument both modern and classical  including the scenario where an instrument has been loaned to you or a member of your family and you are required to effect insurance to cover loss or damage to the item. In these cases, the interest of the owner of the instrument can be noted on the schedule of Insurance. . Our Musical Instrument “All Risks” Insurance policy is fully underwritten at Lloyd s of London, the world’s oldest insurance market

Why insure your Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments are expensive pieces of equipment and whilst they are fairly safe whilst being kept at home, as soon as they are removed the chances of loss, theft or damage increases. Also if you are loaned an instrument by a school or college you will probably find that having a comprehensive policy in force to cover loss or damage is a condition of the loan.

Why choose insurance from Assetsure?

If you ask us for a quote to insure your musical equipment, unlike many insurers, we will not insist that you insure the rest of your home and contents with us. We also offer a policy that will cover you for “All-Risks” on a worldwide basis without any restrictions on the amount of time you can spend out of the country.  We have two rating structures, one for professionals and another for amateurs. Some further feature of our policy are as detailed below.

All Risks Insurance- We provide physical loss or damage for your instruments and equipment on an “All Risks” basis.

No Time Exclusions- Our policy is written on a worldwide “All Risks” basis and we have no limit on the time you can spend overseas.

Cover for Professionals- We are happy to cover musical instruments and equipment for both Professionals and Amateurs

Specified Items- We will individually list your items on a policy schedule giving you the peace of mind that all your musical equipment is accurately listed with the current sum insured applicable.

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