Winter Proposals


Winter Proposals

With the festive season almost upon us, jewellery stores are getting ready to see an influx of engagement ring sales in preparation for those all-important Christmas proposals.

We have put together some points on how to avoid any mistakes in aim to make her say ‘I do’.

The Ring

Proposing without a ring could be one of the worst mistakes you can make, if you are not sure of the style she would like, make sure the ring has a returns policy or buy a loose diamond set on an inexpensive band which you can get changed and designed to her choice. She needs something to show off, to see the ring is the first question everyone will ask…

When you start looking for the ring, you will be faced with a barrage of questions, mainly centred on the ‘4 C’s of a diamond’. Whilst these are all important and essentially account for the end price and value of the ring, the ring should appeal and be symbolic to you and of course, her, the other elements will then fall into place once you have set your budget.

If you know little about Jewellery, make sure you go to a specialist store where they can advise on the best diamond you can get for your money, from there it is then down to you to choose the one you think she would love.

Make sure you get the ring insured as soon as you have made the purchase. Assetsure offers standalone jewellery insurance for that special item or alternatively, look at the 5* Defaqto rated home insurance policy if you have other items to insure at the same time. Click Here to get a quote.

Public v Private engagement

Make sure you discreetly find out what your wife to be would want, be subtle, ask family and friends but again, be subtle. Whilst proposing at a Christmas party in front of all your nearest and dearest may sound appealing, this could also go very, very wrong. Not forgetting the fact it will be spread across social media in less than 5 minutes so make sure she is the kind of person that would be prepared for a lot of immediate fuss. Intimate proposals can be much more romantic, letting the proposal sink in between the two of you before relaxing and announcing it to everyone.

The Proposal

You have the ring, have chosen the environment as to which you will propose so now for the planning of the two minutes and four little words which will change both your lives and be the matter of talking point for the next few months right up to your Wedding Day. Plan this moment precisely, make sure everything is perfect. My dream proposal has always been by a beautiful traditional Christmas tree, log fire burning, view of snow-capped hills through rickety wooden window pane, glass of champagne in hand and gentle sound of Christmas carols in the background. This, I have now come to accept, is not realistic. The likely hood is there will be 2.4 children running around with 8 dogs and a hamster, causing havoc and looking out at a rainy English morning with the future mother in law moaning about how the turkey is not being cooked as she did it 40 years ago. Think about it wisely if you plan to propose on Christmas day, personally, I think the run up to Christmas is far more romantic and exciting and would lead in nicely to the family time where you have done the ‘deed’ and can now just enjoy the celebrations.

Maybe plan a romantic weekend city break over Valentine’s Day, try to steer her off course of thinking the proposal will be over the festive season….