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Camera Insurance

Camera Insurance from Assetsure.

Whether you are a professional photographer or keen amateur, at Assetsure, we have a policy that will cover your camera and equipment. We will cover any type of camera equipment and accessories such as; lenses, filters, tripods, bags and dark room equipment.

Why insure your camera

Cameras are expensive, delicate pieces of equipment and, because of their portability, are easily lost or stolen. Whether away from the home, or in the home, cameras are susceptible to being stolen, dropped or damaged by liquids.

Why choose insurance from Assetsure?

At Assetsure, our camera insurance policy has been specially designed to insure cameras which is securely underwritten at Lloyd’s of London. Unlike most insurers, we are quite happy to provide insurance for single items, and we won’t insist you insure the rest of your home contents with us. Our policy is thus ideal if you are in this situation and only want to cover a small number of valuable items. Often a collection of charms falls outside the monetary limits of a standard home insurance policy and if you have a collection, we should be able to assist you with insurance.

We are based in the UK and our policies are designed for persons that are normally resident in the United Kingdom, we provide worldwide all risks cover with no restrictions on how long you can be abroad.

Some of the features of our policy are as follows;

Worldwide All Risks Insurance – We provides physical loss or damage for your charms and charm bracelet or other items of jewellery on a worldwide basis.

Specified Items – We will provide you with a schedule of insurance specifying your single item of jewellery. If you have other items, we will be pleased to add them on as well.

Unspecified Items – If you have a large number of other items, we can also provide you with unspecified insurance cover for the total value of your items up to a maximum sum insured of £1000 per item and with a £25.00 excess per claim.

No bonus to lose – By insuring your charms separately with us, you can help protect any valuable no clams bonus earned under your home insurance policy.

A variety of payment options – We accept PayPal, all major credit and debit cards and monthly direct debits.

Money back guarantee – So confident are we in our policy, we will even give you a full 30 days to review our policy wording and change your mind if you are not satisfied.

Dealing with Assetsure couldn’t be simpler and your precious charm bracelet can be covered quickly and efficiently by making one quick call or completing our web enquiry form. If you have any questions or simply require some advice, we will also be pleased to hear from you.

Collectable Camera’s
Whilst our policy covers cameras that have been purchased for everyday use, we are also happy to quote on camera collections including vintage equipment that has been purchased as a hobby or for investment purposes.

If you require a quotation for camera insurance please either complete our online form or  call our office.

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